Eating Healthy While Living with Your Significant Other

Good morning!

My workout yesterday morning was slightly different than what I normally have on the agenda.

The 6am Bodypump class had a tug of war and push-up competition against the “Slim It to Win It” training groups at the gym I work at.

The Bodypumpers:slim it bodypump competition

Unfortunately, the Bodypumpers lost in the tug of war… :(

slim it bodypump competition

But we totally kicked but in the push-up competition!  So, at the end of the competition we were all winners!  It was such a fun way to workout and start the day.

slim it bodypump competition

Today’s post is about something I have been wanting to share with you for a while.
       A question I receive pretty frequently from readers is How do I maintain my healthy eating habits while living with my boyfriend/fiance/husband/significant other?
Eating Healthy While Living With Your Significant Other via Treble in the Kitchen.jpg
As far as maintaining my healthy eating now that I live with my husband…I will start by saying I think I have am pretty lucky in that department because Brian is not a very picky eater and will eat just about anything I make for him.  (not EVERYTHING but MOST things…)


It helps us both out when I get lots of healthy things ready on the weekend with my food prep.  We love to have cut fresh veggies, chicken made for Brian’s lunches, some sort of batch meal that will last a few meals, and easy to grab healthy snacks.  If I have that stuff ready, for me it’s easier to snack on when I get the craving to munch and it makes packing lunches a breeze.
Lunch salads
When it comes to meals, I typically make just enough for Brian and I to enjoy.  When I make something really good, Brian doesn’t always like that I make just 2 or 3 portions but I find that it helps me from going back for more when I don’t really need it AND we don’t have a ton of leftovers going bad in the fridge.

Also, I load my plate with tons of veggies and then eat the main course in a side portion.  That way if I do want more of the main course or the veggies I’m not overloading.


Brian does eat more than me at dinner and he typically enjoys more decadent foods.  To solve this problem, I put his meal on a larger plate and mine on a smaller plate (sometimes).  We will then dress our own salads so he can have ranch while I have a homemade vinegar based dressing and he will often add cheese to a meal or salad for a little extra creaminess.

Here are a couple of “his” and “hers” meals.


My dinner:  Zucchini noodles with cashew cheese topped with shrimp and a side salad with red wine vinegar dressing.

Tara's DinnerBrian’s dinner:  Zucchini noodles with cashew cheese and shrimp topped with parmesan with a side salad topped with more parmesan, croutons, and ranch dressing.

Brian's Dinner

Brian’s dinner:  Cauliflower crust pizza topped with sauce, pepperoni, and about three different kinds of cheese.

dinner outside Brian

My dinner:  Cauliflower pizza topped with tomato sauce, olives, kale, and basil.

dinner outside tara

Brian’s dinner:  Citrusy Garlicky Shrimp with brown rice, roasted veggies and a side salad with blue cheese and ranch dressing.

citrus shrimp dinner 1

My dinner:  Citrusy Garlicky Shrimp with roasted veggies and a side salad with a red wine vinegar dressing.

citrus shrimp dinner 2

For this date night we ate the same thing! Halibut with mango salsa, kale caesar salad, and roasted green beans.  Yum!


When Brian completed his board exams, I made him a special dinner…steak and potatoes :)

steak for Brian

While he enjoyed his steak and potatoes I enjoyed some yummy baked salmon and didn’t feel like I was missing out on a thing!salmon dinner

I also try to make sure I have healthier sweet options like Greek yogurt, fruit, and smoothie ingredients on hand so that if Brian wants something sweet after dinner we have single portions that he can help himself to, and I don’t have to have any if I don’t want toBut I certainly can if I DO want to!


Another little trick…if Brian does get something more decadent than what I would choose for my meal, or if he gets seconds or has dessert…often times I will literally just have one bite.  :)  This helps me satisfy my craving for something indulgent without going overboard.
Brian loves a tasty donut treat!!

brian donuts

But we both love fro yo!

march date night 3

march date night 1

At the end of the day, I think it’s important to enjoy your meal time together, enjoy your food, and eat things that make you feel good (mentally and physically!).  I feel that the traditions and daily habits that you develop now in your life together and especially at meal time are going to be the traditions that you carry through when you have kids (if you want to!).

Question on the Day:

  • Do you eat the same thing at meal time as your significant other?

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