Where’s My Alarm!?

I overslept this morning! Literally didn’t even hear my two alarms go off.  That means, no shower, a quick pack of the bags (because I was too tired to do it the night before) and a grab of a quick breakfast.

My quick breakfast was my last homemade banana bread “larabar”.  Tasted great and hit the spot.  I was only 10 minutes late to nannying, and I have a feeling that today will be another great day.

Usually when I oversleep I feel totally thrown off the rest of the day, but I am NOT letting that be the case this time. 😉

Tonight I teach Core Intensity for the last time :( and I am subbing for the other spinning class.  Should be a fun and busy day!

How do you handle it when you oversleep?  Do you rush around and get there ASAP so you aren’t super late or do you take your usual time getting ready just knowing you will be really late?

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