30 Years

Yesterday, Brian’s parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!

After everyone arrived home from work, it was time for some anniversary presents.  Greg, Brian’s dad loves scotch, and Kate, Brian’s mom loves Riesling.  They both started by opening up a bottle of their favorite drink.


The second present was the big one.

Brian and Adam collaborated their ideas and came up with the perfect gift.  Adam drove around Indianapolis to the place where his  parents met, where they got engaged, where they were married, and then took a picture of the house they live in now.  He put all of the pictures in a frame in chronological order. This gift was so perfect!  His parents honestly loved it 🙂

Brian’s parents then went out to dinner and Brian and I attended a meeting at church.  We came home to celebrate a wonderful 30 years of marriage with some delicious desserts and a little pink bubbly moscato.

I don’t even know what the desserts were…but they were tasty 😉

Congratulations Kate and Greg on an amazing 30 years of marriage!  I hope you get to enjoy 30 more.



  1. what a beautiful and creative present! happy anniversary to your inlaws <3

  2. aw so sweet! happy anniversary to them

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