No Equipment Needed Holiday Workout

This is the time of year when finals are starting and ending, people are traveling home for the holidays, and working out may be more “on-the-go” than one would prefer.

When I was in college at Butler, I had my daily routine to fit the gym into my schedule on most occasions.  Unfortunately, I did not belong to a gym at home, and when I would go home after finals were all said and done I would scour the internet for at-home exercise routines that required minimal to no equipment.  After all, I wanted to be able to enjoy all of the Christmas cookies that I wanted while enjoying my holiday break 🙂

This year, when I head home for Christmas, I will be well-equipped with my own no-equipment-needed holiday workout.  Simply because there is no equipment doesn’t mean it’s an easy workout!

When you head home for the holidays, what do you do to fit a workout in?  Do you own a gym membership, do workout videos, create your own routine?? SHARE!


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  1. what a great circuit!

  2. Great holiday workout!! Just saved it =)

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