The Blog Genie’s Blog Improvement Challenge 2013

The first thing that I want to say is THANK YOU for being so patient while I dealt with my blog issues this past week.  Thankfully, I had read about Rita Barry, the Blog Genie.  I reached out to her and she was able to literally work her magic!  The blog is back in action and I think it is better than ever!

blog genie logo

She made some slight design improvements, but nothing that you will really notice.  A lot of the work she did was on the back end, and it is making everything load much faster than before.  Hopefully, we won’t notice any “Database Error” messages anytime soon.

Rita has been such a great help and she is such a great resource for just about any question that I am able to come up with!

Moving into 2013, I would really like to get a little bit more organized with my blog, learn new things about promoting the blog, and just improve everything overall.

In order to help me accomplish this goal and really improve the blog, I signed up to participate in Rita’s Blog Improvement Challenge 2013.

blog improvement challenge 2013

I am so excited to participate in this “challenge!”  Each month, we will be focusing on a different subject and we will work on accomplishing various goals throughout the month.   It is a big commitment as it will last the entire year, but I have a feeling that the end result will be more than worth it.

If you are interested in participating, make sure to sign up quick!! January is coming soon…

Rita is an amazing resource and she truly is a “Blog Genie.”  She simplifies everything social media and makes it easy for anyone to understand.

You can contact her on her web site!

Are you planning on participating in the blog improvement challenge?  Let me know so we can help each other out!



  1. Heading over to her page to check it out! Thanks for letting us know about the challenge, Tara <3


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