Unexpected Total Body Burnout

Last week, I mentioned that I have been taking advantage of group fitness classes for nearly every workout.

Yesterday was not supposed to be any different, as I had planned to attend an early morning yoga class.  When I arrived at the gym, I quickly found out that the yoga class was cancelled.  Almost immediately, my brain switched gears and I was ready to sweat, work hard, and create my own workout to complete with Brian.

Total Body Burnout Workout text

Brian was pretty convinced that going back home and catching an extra hour of sleep was the best option, but since we were already at the gym…my workout trumped the extra sleep!

This workout took us about 30 minutes to complete and left us completely sweaty by the end.

My favorite part of the workout?  Probably the box jumps!

plyo jump

plyo jump

plyo jump

I can’t jump very high, but jumping up onto something makes it FEEL like I am jumping like an NBA star completing a slam dunk.  Jumps like this are challenging, but fun for me.

Question of the Morning:

  • What has been your favorite workout/way to move this week?


  1. That looks like a great one! I love burpees (sick, I know).

    My favorite workout lately has been glute day – I spend a whole hour building my boo-tay.

  2. I love Kettle ball swings and walking lunges – any kind of leg work, but my #1 love is running 🙂
    Looks like it was a great workout – glad to have stumbled by

    • Oh yes all good exercises!! Running just feels freeing which is why I like it too!!! Thanks for “stopping by” I hope you come by again!

  3. i totally needed a workout for the gym today because my gym’s stair master is broken. we don’t have a track but i can do high knees for a minute instead! thanks for the help! i may do this instead of the elliptical!

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