The Final Long Run and I Can’t Believe It!

This past weekend I did something that I honestly was pretty unsure of.12 mile run

I completed the final long run in my half marathon training plan.  12 miles with an 8 minute and 9 second pace.  This is just 9 seconds slower than what I need to be on race day to complete the race in 1:45.

The best thing about it?  When I was done with the run, I felt GOOD! A little tired, but good!

When I initially stated that my goal was to complete the half marathon with an 8 minute pace I was very hesitant to post the goal in such a public place.  I was scared about not being able to reach my goal time, but I put it out there anyway.   I think the accountability is really helping to push me through, and you know what?  Even if I don’t make my goal on race day…at least you know I tried!

I’m not sure if it is the training plan I have been following, the physical condition I was in before training, my mindset, or a combination of all three of these factors but there are some huge differences that I have noticed with this round of half marathon training:

  • I feel pretty energetic at the end of the run, like I could keep going or even push a little more.
  • My legs are not as sore.
  • I feel tired, but not exhausted.  There have been times when the morning after a long run I feel like I could never get out of bed…not this time!
  • My feet don’t hurt as much.

All in all, this round of training has been pretty smooth (thank goodness!).  Now it’s time to focus on eating right, stretching and foam rolling regularly, and resting.  Race day is in 10 days…bring it on!

Let’s Hear It:

  • What is a fitness goal you have accomplished recently?


  1. Great job on your run girl! I am not quite finished, but I have about a week and a half until I am done with an 8 week bootcamp program! 🙂

  2. So happy and excited for you! 1:45 is definitely my goal for my next one 🙂

  3. yay! you are going to do great!

  4. Great job!

  5. Wow, that’s fast, great job! Feel like you could keep going after your long runs?? Sounds like you’re ready for your first full marathon 🙂 My husband and I are going to attempt our first full in April at the Carmel Marathon… yikes!

    • Tara Deal says:

      AH! Full marathons sound so scary! I love that you are running a full with your husband! Brian works out with me, but I don’t think he would voluntarily run a half or a full!

  6. That is so exciting (and amazing!!!), no matter what your pace on race day, you clearly have SO much to be proud of. Enjoy your rest leading up to the race. My most recent fitness goals accomplished were an unassisted pull-up and a headstand (without the wall).


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