Five Things Friday 9.5.2014

Happy Friday!

Don’t you just love 4 day weeks?  It’s already the weekend 🙂

Tonight, Brian and I will be laying low and doing things like cleaning the apartment because tomorrow we are having some of our friends from his ortho program over before we head out to our first Rockies baseball game.  I’m super excited that we get to go to a game before summer is officially over.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Here’s a little Five Things Friday for ya 🙂

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • Monday I made this Tri Legume Salad from Nutrition Stripped.  It was really tasty and kind of like a super chunky salsa.

labor day

Luckily there were some leftovers, so I enjoyed them over a bed of romaine and spinach with some multi-grain tortilla chips for a deliciously simple lunch!  So good 🙂

tri legume salad

  • Lunch time snack plates.  I love these because I feel like they are like a sampler platter and I get a little bit of everything I want all in one meal.

snack plate lunch

  • One of the dinners I made this week was Lentil Quinoa Chopped Salad from Fitnessista and it was fabulous!  The sundried tomatoes really gave it a “pizza” like taste.  So delicious!

quinoa lentil salad from fitnessista

  • I got creative in the kitchen and added steamed and cooled cauliflower to my smoothies.  They make the smoothie so creamy!  The trick is to steam the cauliflower a LOT so it’s very soft.  That way, it will blend into the smoothie and you won’t even know it’s there.

This smoothie had 1/2 frozen peach, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 cup steamed and cooled cauliflower, 1 tsp almond butter.

cauliflower smoothie

  • I got even more creative in the kitchen at dinner time by using a new-to-me grain called Farro.  It’s delicious, nutty, and a little bit like Barley.

I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe for this salad next week 🙂

Farro Salmon Salad

Five Workouts:

Hiking Mt. Bierstadt

  • Insanity Boot Camp
  • Yoga
  • 5.5 Mile Trail Run/Walk with this view

matthews/winters trail run or walk

  • Total Strength and Tabata group fitness class

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Brian and I signed up for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in Wash Park.  I’m super excited that we get to carry on our tradition of running a race on Thanksgiving morning.  For us, it’s just a fun way to get the day started, be outside, and do something together on one of our favorite holidays 🙂  Anyone else already signed up for their Thanksgiving run?

Wash Park Turkey Trot


  • OK, this one is kind of goofy but I found one of my favorite pair of workout shorts/spandex!  They were only missing for like a day, but I absolutely HATE losing things…turns out they were just at the bottom of my workout bottoms drawer.

workout shorts

  • I am absolutely LOVING being outside so much and switching up my workout routine with things like hikes and trail runs.  Seriously, it just makes me feel SO GOOD!! 🙂
  • I am super happy that Brian and I are going to the baseball game tomorrow.  It’s always a favorite summer activity of mine, but Brian and I weren’t able to make it to any games in Indy before the move.  It’s also a little chilly, so I may have to pull out some cute fall clothes even though baseball is a very summer event (to me at least!)  Honestly, sitting and watching the game the entire time is so-so, but I just love the atmosphere.  So fun!
  • Experimenting in the kitchen.  This week was a GOOD week for me in the kitchen, between trying new-to-me recipes from blogging friends and trying out my own experiments everything just tasted delicious.

Posts I Have Loved:

Share something fun with me about your week or the upcoming weekend!


  1. YAY for baseball games!!
    also you look SOO GORGEOUS in your side bar pic:)

  2. Mmm I wanted to try that chopped lentil salad, but I’m scared to work with sun dried tomatoes. I should probably just get over it and give it a go!

  3. Cauliflower in your smoothies?! Waaaat? I’ve never heard of such a thing…but now I’m super intrigued 🙂

    I’ve got a wedding this weekend and all the fun stuff associated with that. Hope yours is wonderful! xo

  4. I totally agree about the lunch snack plate – I always love a sampler platter and feel much more satisfied when I can eat a little bit of lots of different foods!

  5. wow i love quinoa it is the best! I just made my first batch of red quinoa the other day and can’t wait to stir fry it tonight with some veggies! You gave me some great salad ideas for this low-carb week.



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