Hiking the Spruce Creek Trail in Breckenridge

This weekend Brian, Liz and I crammed in another weekend of hiking!

We keep thinking “this is the last weekend for hiking” and then the weather is unseasonable warm so we take advantage of it and squeeze in another hike! 🙂

Our adventures this past weekend took us to the adorable little ski town of Breckenridge, CO.

After a quick and scenic 2 hour drive from Denver, we arrived at our destination and stopped for a little cup of coffee to give us a little caffeine buzz before our 7 mile hike.

Breckenridge Hiking

We stopped at Clint’s Bakery and Coffee House for our pre-hike treat and loved everything about it!

Breckenridge Hiking

All of the pastries looked very tasty and the almond milk latte was on point!  Brian and Liz each got a cinnamon roll, so I stole a couple of bites…yum!! Seriously, it was so gooey and sweet.  Just a couple of bites was enough to satisfy me.

They also had smoothies, ice cream, breakfast sandwiches, and a TON of other things on the menu.  So, if you are looking for a cute little breakfast or snack stop while visiting Breckenridge we totally recommend Clint’s Bakery and Coffee House.

After our coffee break, we headed to the Spruce Creek Trail and set out for Mohawk Lakes.

Breckenridge Hiking

Yes…that is totally snow on the ground!

I was worried about being too cold, but as long as kept our bodies moving the snow just added an amazingly beautiful and peaceful setting to our hike.

Breckenridge Hiking

At the beginning of the hike, it was very well marked with these blue diamonds paving the way.  Towards the end we kind of lost the blue diamonds but we were still able to find Mohawk Lake.

Breckenridge Hiking

While I have really loved every Colorado hike I have experienced, this may have been one of my favorites because of all the “stuff” we were able to see along the way.

Breckenridge Hiking

Breckenridge Hiking

We even found an old cabin that people actually sleep in!!

Below is the note explaining the history of the cabin.

Breckenridge Hiking

We all made sure to sign the book before moving along our trail.

Breckenridge Hiking

Breckenridge Hiking

This hike would be really great for visitors to Colorado and family because it is relatively flat, but I will warn you that at the end there is a little “rock climbing” involved.  Luckily, there is a HUGE cable that you can use to help yourself up or down this portion of the trail.

Breckenridge Hiking

Once we got to Mohawk Lake, we stopped for a little snack (Larabars and almond butter/peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!)

Breckenridge Hiking Snacks

We enjoyed the rest, but the wind started to pick up and we got kind of cold so we decided to head back to the trail head.

Breckenridge Hiking

And we made a pit stop so Brian could make his FIRST snow angel of the season 😉

Breckenridge Hiking

After hiking, we drove back into the little town of Breckenridge and stopped for a quick soup, salad, and sandwich lunch at Park and Main.

Breckenridge Hiking

There were so many unique options, but I had to just go with my what my body was craving…warm soup and a crisp salad 🙂

Their tomato basil bisque literally tasted like Italy.

Breckenridge Hiking

The Vegan Arugula Salad was also delish!

Breckenridge Hiking

Brian got the Vietnamese Banh Mi and Liz got the Zucchini “Parm.”  Both loved their sandwiches too!  If you visit Breckenridge and are looking for a cute lunch or dinner spot this is totally the place. ( They even serve beer and wine so it would be a perfect place to wind down at the end of the day…)  

The scenery was so amazing, and we honestly felt like we were in a J. Crew or West Elm Christmas catalog photoshoot because of how perfectly “winter” the trail looked.  It was awesome!

Your Turn:

  • Share something fun about your weekend!
  • Have you been to Breckenridge?  What are some of your favorite things to do there?


  1. How cool about the abandoned cabin that someone used to live in. It’s also very neat that they left a story behind for everyone to read.

    To answer your one question: Favorite part about this weekend was continuing to decorate the babies nursery. It’s coming a long.. but still have a ways to go.

  2. What a fun weekend! I would have totally loved an outing like that!

  3. That looks like such a beautiful hike! I can’t believe there was SNOW!? Oh hello, Colorado winter, you’re here already.

  4. Breckenridge is easily one of the cutest towns ever! I also stopped in Clint’s when I was there and got the most amazing chocolate/peanut butter/caramel bar. It was like heaven!

  5. What a sweet trip. Seeing snow is giving me the chills!! 🙂
    BTW….Please take me to Clints!

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