Brian’s on Youtube!

Hey friends!

As you may know, Andrea (from A Doctor in the House) and I are good friends from our undergraduate days at Butler University.  One thing you may not know is that Andrea and I were really introduced because Brian (my husband) was really great friends with her in college.

In addition to her blog, Andrea has an awesome youtube channel where she talks a lot about what medical school is like, provides tips for getting into medical school, and is recently branching out to provide information about other health professions such as…dentistry!

Brian is a dentist, and we are living in Colorado so that he can complete his residency to become an orthodontist.  Andrea did a little youtube/skype interview with Brian so that you all can learn a little more about his journey to becoming the a dentist and orthodontist!

Check it out…


  1. YAY! Thanks so much for sharing love!! Brian is awesome and so are yoU! xoxoxox

  2. I have been loving her medical vlogs. I am excited to check this one out!!!

  3. So fun to watch this! I considered going into dentistry but I ended up doing Audiology instead! I should contact Andrea and see if she’d like to hear from an Audiologist!

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