Herbs and Tastings

The one thing I love about going home (ok there are plenty of other things I love about going home) is all of the goodies I get to take with me!  My mom gave me a bread-maker (I can't wait to use … [Continue reading]

Clean Shopping on a Budget Part II

After posting some tips for how to shop for healthful foods on a limited budget, I thought it you might enjoy a couple of other strategies that I use to save a dime. In addition to making a list and … [Continue reading]

Clean Shopping on a Budget

I woke up this morning to do a light workout doing Self's "6 Moves for Sexy Sundress Arms" and "Lady Gaga's Flat-Ab Moves and More" while watching Father of the Bride...again.  I still haven't made my … [Continue reading]

Father of the Bride

The sun really wore us out!  Brian took a long nap before dinner, but I took mine during the movie we watched with mom.  I don't know about you, but for some reason whenever a movie is turned on my … [Continue reading]

3 Rivers Fest

Brian, Mom and I woke up bright and early today to get our morning jog in before our day full of 3 Rivers Festival Activities!  Brian and I ran my original 3 mile loop that I used to run when I was … [Continue reading]

A Full Day of Wedding

So today was ENTIRELY consumed by planning the wedding, and I loved every minute of it.  We still do not have the venue booked, but we are getting closer every second! After visiting a venue, and … [Continue reading]

Fancy Fennel

Last night, I taught my cycle 45 spinning class and we did this workout: Warm Up 5 minutes Sprints 7 min: 4x15 moderate 4x15 sprint 2x30 sprint 45 sec sprint 15 sec recovery Hills and Jumps … [Continue reading]

Smoothie Break

This morning started off great!  I was able to wake up on time, and do an abs workout since I will be teaching spinning tonight.  Instead of a smoothie I had Greek yogurt for breakfast this morning. … [Continue reading]

Let’s Celebrate!

Good evening! Today, the kids and I had a busy day.  We started out by riding our bikes to Butler to pick up a movie that Sarah had left at the Indianapolis Children's Choir office.  While we were … [Continue reading]

Oversleeping to Prevent Overtraining

Good Morning! Although I had planned on an early bedtime last night, I still didn't make it to bed until after 10:30pm.  I set my alarm this morning for my usual time so that I could fit my early … [Continue reading]