Taste the Left Bank

Before running around town with Sarah and Jeremy today, we stopped by Taste which is a cute little restaurant that is pretty close to their house.  I had been there twice before, and Sarah had been … [Continue reading]

Dirty Little Secret

It's official, I hate running indoors.  I don't like the treadmill and I don't like the track, but I still completed another three miles of half marathon training and did arm weights afterwards. For … [Continue reading]

Thai Chicken for 2…and Some Extra!

Tonight,  I taught Core Intensity in a new format!  I loved it, and I feel like it made the class more exciting even though it is not a high intensity cardio class.  Here is what we did: Core … [Continue reading]

In Other News…

I ran my first 3 miles of half marathon training, and boy was it a sweaty one.  I didn't want to touch my legs while I was stretching because they were literally dripping with sweat.  After my run I … [Continue reading]

Pre-Post Workout Fuel for the Bod

As part of my half marathon training, I am going to focus on two things that usually go to the wayside: strength training, and properly fueling before and refueling after my runs.  Since today is my … [Continue reading]

Bicycle Helmets and Barley Salad

Today, I worked at Emmis fitting children with bicycle helmets.  I am not sure how many we fit, but I know that at our half way point we had given out around 200!  That's a lot of bike … [Continue reading]

Babyfood for Breakfast?

Good Monday Morning!   I was having some computer difficulties this morning, so this will just be a quick post.  For breakfast this morning, I enojyed a blackberry banana peanut butter smoothie … [Continue reading]

Herbs and Tastings

The one thing I love about going home (ok there are plenty of other things I love about going home) is all of the goodies I get to take with me!  My mom gave me a bread-maker (I can't wait to use … [Continue reading]

Clean Shopping on a Budget Part II

After posting some tips for how to shop for healthful foods on a limited budget, I thought it you might enjoy a couple of other strategies that I use to save a dime. In addition to making a list and … [Continue reading]

Clean Shopping on a Budget

I woke up this morning to do a light workout doing Self's "6 Moves for Sexy Sundress Arms" and "Lady Gaga's Flat-Ab Moves and More" while watching Father of the Bride...again.  I still haven't made my … [Continue reading]