A Full Day of Wedding

So today was ENTIRELY consumed by planning the wedding, and I loved every minute of it.  We still do not have the venue booked, but we are getting closer every second! After visiting a venue, and … [Continue reading]

Fancy Fennel

Last night, I taught my cycle 45 spinning class and we did this workout: Warm Up 5 minutes Sprints 7 min: 4x15 moderate 4x15 sprint 2x30 sprint 45 sec sprint 15 sec recovery Hills and Jumps … [Continue reading]

Smoothie Break

This morning started off great!  I was able to wake up on time, and do an abs workout since I will be teaching spinning tonight.  Instead of a smoothie I had Greek yogurt for breakfast this morning. … [Continue reading]

Let’s Celebrate!

Good evening! Today, the kids and I had a busy day.  We started out by riding our bikes to Butler to pick up a movie that Sarah had left at the Indianapolis Children's Choir office.  While we were … [Continue reading]

Oversleeping to Prevent Overtraining

Good Morning! Although I had planned on an early bedtime last night, I still didn't make it to bed until after 10:30pm.  I set my alarm this morning for my usual time so that I could fit my early … [Continue reading]

Summer Day Kickin’ it by the Pool

Sarah and Jeremy (the kids I nanny for) granted my wish and wanted to go to the pool today!  It was sooo hot, so I cooled off with a game of Marco Polo.  I forgot how fun that game was! We met up … [Continue reading]

Long Weekend Makes a Short Week

This weekend seemed suuuper long, which is great.  I felt like Brian and I were actually able to hangout and do summery things without having to worry about our fun plans conflicting with other things … [Continue reading]

Fireworks on the Balcony and Corn Salsa

After walking around downtown enjoying the warm weather, the sun decided to come out!  Because of the sudden change in weather, we had to take advantage of the sun and lay out at the pool for a little … [Continue reading]

Firecracker 6

Happy 4th of July! Last night, Brian and I had every intention of going to bed early until this happened We thought we would put in a movie to get us ready for bed, and we were both in the mood for … [Continue reading]


Brian and I had the perfect summer day today with our friend Eric and his family at their lake house.  We were literally on the boat all day, only taking a break for lunch (which went … [Continue reading]