What to do With a Giant White Carrot?

Good Evening! Tuesdays are when I teach my Core Intensity class.  Tonight's class went by exceptionally fast!  We went through a circuit of 5 ab exercises for 1 minute at each station twice, and then … [Continue reading]

A Geocaching We Will Go!!!

Jeremy and I went geocaching!  This was the first time I had gone, but he had gone Friday with some friends and showed my one of the "caches" they found! Pretty sneakily hidden if you ask me. … [Continue reading]

Bachelorette Gossip!

Last night, I spent time with the girls watching the Bachelorette.  I have never really watched either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette before this year, but my friends and I have made it a weekly … [Continue reading]

Super Special Dinner with a Super Special Dessert!

Today was a busy, but fun day! I ate an early lunch of a toasted English muffin with cottage cheese and tomato with a side of celery (one of my favorites!) and carrots before heading off to fit … [Continue reading]

Starting the Week off Insane!!

Good Morning!!!! This morning I slept in a little bit because I was up late last night picking Brian up!  He has been in Colorado for the past two weeks as a staff member on a trip that his high … [Continue reading]

My First Post!!!

Hello out there! I am Tara and this is my first post on my brand new blog, Treble in the Kitchen!  This is a healthy lifestyle blog where I will share recipes, workouts, wedding planning (I'm … [Continue reading]