Bolder Boulder 10K Race Recap

Bolder Boulder 10K via Treble in the Kitchen

Yesterday, Brian and I ran our second official race in Colorado (the first was the Neon Dash!) and our first race of 2015--the Bolder Boulder 10k. Believe it our not, I first heard about this … [Continue reading]

Memorial Day Weekend Things

Bernie Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful kick-off to summer and thinking of all the veterans and those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.  Thank you to those who serve … [Continue reading]

DIY: Sea Salt Hairspray

DIY Sea Salt Hairspray via Treble in the Kitchen

Happy Saturday, friends! Just popping in to let you know about my most recent contribution to Dandizette Magazine--DIY:  Sea Salt Hairspray. With warmer weather here for the season, wearing … [Continue reading]

Five Things Friday 5.22.2015 + LOVE Grown Giveaway!!!!

love grown giveaway via Treble in the Kitchen

Hey friends! Happy Friday :) Hopefully this is a long weekend for you due to Memorial Day being on Monday!!  I also hope the weather is a little better where you are.  Remember all the sunshine and … [Continue reading]

Homemade Vegetable Broth {low FODMAP}

Homemade low FODMAP vegetable broth via Treble in the Kitchen

This simple vegetable broth will add flavor and richness to a wide variety of dishes!  It can be used anywhere you would use store-bought vegetable or chicken stock. You won't believe how EASY it is … [Continue reading]

Full Body Circuit Workout {dumbbell + bodyweight}

Full Body Circuit 1 Workout via Treble in the Kitchen

This workout is GREAT for travel, as it incorporates a TON of bodyweight exercises and utilizes a light weight.  Packing a light dumbbell (around 5 lbs) is easy to do, and most hotels have gyms that … [Continue reading]

Soybu Leggings + Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers via Treble in the Kitchen

Hello again friends! Earlier today, I shared a recap of my weekend in Boulder, CO at the Blend Retreat.  I'm going to be honest in saying that I initially planned on writing and posting that recap … [Continue reading]

Blend Retreat 2015 – Boulder, CO

Blend 2015

This past weekend, I was able to immerse myself into the beautiful Boulder, CO scenery while I connected with amazing, creative women. Blend 2015 was the first blogging retreat I have ever … [Continue reading]

Five Things Friday 5.15.2015

five things friday

Happy Blend Day Friday! Today is the first day of Blend Retreat 2015, and I couldn't be more excited to get in on all of the activities. Registration doesn't begin until 2:30pm so I have time … [Continue reading]

Nutty CocoaVia Cookies

Nutty CocoaVia Cookies via Treble in the Kitchen

I've got a delicious cookie recipe to share with you!  These cookies are nutty with a slightly crunchy texture thanks to heart-healthy chia seeds and flax meal.  Topped with a rich dark chocolate … [Continue reading]