The Secret that Helped Me Increase my Blog Traffic


Hey friends! Recently, several of you have been asking me about starting your own blog/improving the blog you currently have.  I couldn't be more excited for each and every one of you out there! … [Continue reading]

Weekend Recap 3.21.2014

grocery shopping

After enjoying our final day at the beach... Brian and I had to head back home to Indianapolis.  While we really do miss the warmth and the sunshine, it certainly does feel good to … [Continue reading]

Vacation Eats and Exercise

spring break 2014

While Brian and I have been on vacation, we have been eating some pretty tasty foods! My food philosophy on vacation is to allow myself to indulge when I truly want to, but not indulge just because … [Continue reading]

Spring Break Recap: Pensacola Lighthouse and Flora-Bama

spring break 2014

Hello from Florida friends! Today is our last official day of Floridian sunshine and Brian and I want to make sure we soak up every last minute of it. We have had an amazing enjoying the company … [Continue reading]

How to Stay Healthy at Work

Maria Romaine Guest Post

Morning friends! Brian and I are thoroughly enjoying ourselves in Florida and we want to maximize the amount of time we spend with our friends so I thought it would be fun to have my friend Maria … [Continue reading]

Elliptical Workout & Spring Break Kick-Off

spring break 2014

Hello and happy Monday AND happy St. Patrick's Day! Friday night, Brian and I spent the evening packing up our bags because EARLY Saturday morning, we loaded up our car to head down to Pensacola, … [Continue reading]

Five Things Friday 3.14.2014

five things friday

Tomorrow Brian and I head out to Florida and we could not be more excited! Brian is still in school and still gets all of those lovely breaks scattered throughout the year.  Next week is his spring … [Continue reading]

PetBox for my Parent’s Puppies

pet box

This year, a goal of mine has been to attend a yoga class or practice yoga at home at least one time a week and I have been pretty successful!  I am even able to get Brian to attend with me on … [Continue reading]

Chicken Sweet Potato Spinach Curry

chicken sweet potato spinach curry via treble in the kitchen.jpg

My goodness! Any bachelor fans out there?  I must say, this is the most "invested" I have ever been in a bachelor/bachelorette season, but the finale last night?  Weird is the only thing I have to … [Continue reading]

Weekend Recap 3.7.2014

carrot cake cookies tara

It's Monday and I just have a feeling that this is going to be a GREAT week! I have checked the Indiana weather forecast and it looks like we will be having some temps in the 60s these next couple … [Continue reading]