A Look At My 25th Year PLUS A Birthday Cupcake Recipe

low FODMAP strawberry cupcakes and frosting via Treble in the Kitchen

Today, I turn 26. As I was writing this post, I LOVED looking back at all of the fun memories that I have from the past year.  I truly am thankful for all of the friends and family that I have in … [Continue reading]

DIY: Ice Face Mask

Dandizette Magazine | Ice Face Mask

Happy Saturday, Friends! Because it's Saturday and I am enjoying a little self pampering, I thought you may want to as well :) My most recent post over at Dandizette Magazine is all about the … [Continue reading]

Five Things Friday 4.24.2015

five things friday

Good morning and happy Friday! Guys, I can't explain how excited I am that it is Friday.  I don't have any studying to do this weekend (completed all of my finals!!) so I am dedicating time to the … [Continue reading]

How I Fight The Stress Monster

Tara Treble in the Kitchen

I've always considered myself to be a little bit of a "high stress" type of person.  It's a real challenge for me to live in the now because I am always looking into the future, figuring out what … [Continue reading]

Friend Visit in Denver!

Kate's Denver Visit

Kate, a great friend from our college days at Butler, visited us for the first time this weekend!  We were definitely in a go-go-go mentality this weekend and wanted to see and do everything.  The … [Continue reading]

Motivation Monday: Fit and Healthy Feature-Melanie


Hey friends! Happy Monday :) I hope the weekend was great for all of you!  As always, it was fun but went way too fast. This week, we are going to start things off with another round of … [Continue reading]

Motivation Monday: Fit and Healthy Feature-Sarah

Fit and Healthy Feature-Sarah

Happy Monday once again! Last week, I started a brand new series on the blog "Fit and Healthy Feature" in hopes to provide you all with a little inspiration and motivation to start out the week. … [Continue reading]

Five Things Friday 4.10.2015

five things friday

Moooorrrning! Long time no chat, huh?  I'm so glad that it's Friday.  I've been a study monster all week long, and will continue to keep the studying up all weekend.  Even though my weekend will be … [Continue reading]

Motivation Monday: Fit and Healthy Feature-Marisa

Fit and Healthy Feature - Marisa

Hi friends and happy Monday! This week, I'm starting things out a little differently.  Because I spent the weekend staring at study notes and textbooks, I thought I would spare you the boring … [Continue reading]

Avocado Chicken Salad

Avocado Chicken Salad via Treble in the Kitchen

I honestly can't believe it haven't shared this recipe with you yet.  This mayo-free chicken salad literally makes an appearance just about every other week in our house for Brian's lunches.  I whip … [Continue reading]