Staying Healthy in the Summer Heat

Today, I asked Andrea, a great friend from my good old days at Butler University, to guest post.  She recently started her healthy-living blog, and I absolutely love it!  I love reading it, and I love … [Continue reading]

Guest Post: My Favorite Summer Breakfast

Hello friends!  Here is a little treat for you...a guest post from the awesome Clare from Fitting It All In.  Enjoy :) Treble In The Kitchen Guest Post: My Favorite Summer Breakfast Hi guys! I’m … [Continue reading]

Sweet Snacks

Hello again from Florida!  Here is a special guest post from Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life sharing some delicious summertime treats with all of you today.  Enjoy! Guest Post:  Sweet Tooth … [Continue reading]

Favorite Ways To Be Active In the Summer

Hello all! I will arrive in Orlando, FL with my family around noon or 1pm today (if we survive the car ride!)  Because I will not be near a computer for the majority of the week, and summer is coming … [Continue reading]

Heading to Florida

Hello and happy Saturday! I hope all is going well with you, and you are doing something really fun with your favorite people :) Today has been a pretty jam packed day...for a good reason though! … [Continue reading]

What to Read While Laying on the Beach (or by the Pool)

TGIF! That is all that I can say...well, I guess I can say a little more ;)  I am so thankful that it is Friday, because that means that Brian comes home tonight.  He has been traveling for the past … [Continue reading]

Super Secret Sample and Bananay Oats!

Last night, one of the frequent travelers to one of the hotels that I work at brought in a little surprise.  He has been traveling to Indianapolis for months now working on this project and  I got to … [Continue reading]

So You Want To Teach Group Fitness

Yesterday, when I got to work and unloaded the cupcake torches, I had a little disaster on my hands that looked something like this... source Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone or camera to … [Continue reading]

Torch Cupcakes and a Cafe Misto

Last night, after being extremely tired and getting home kind of late due to an evening Body Pump class...I remembered that I had committed myself to make cupcake torches for an evening reception at … [Continue reading]

Nowhere Near Perfect

This weekend at home was honestly much needed and pretty awesome.  Call me crazy, but I love hanging out with my mom :) She made me yummy food like fish tacos.  Seriously, these are so so so … [Continue reading]