5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bodypump Class


Recently, a couple of you have asked me for advice and tips on how to get the most out of a Les Mills Bodypump class. It won't take much to get more out of your Bodypump class!  Here are 5 tips … [Continue reading]

Salmon Burgers as my New Go-To

seapak salmon burger 1

Head on over to the NIFS Blog to check out my post with advice for "How to Dress for Running in Cold … [Continue reading]

My First Les Mills Quarterly Experience

quarterly 7

Saturday, I spent the entire day completely immersed in the culture of Les Mills at my very first Les Mills Quarterly Event. Les Mills is the company that provides pre-choreographed group fitness … [Continue reading]

Heading to the Quarterly


I could not be more excited for this weekend. Tonight, after work I will be driving to Chicago to attend my first Les Mills Quarterly Event. source It has been nearly one year since I … [Continue reading]

Santorini Greek Kitchen

Sanotorini 4

Tuesday night, Brian and I celebrated his dad's 60th birthday with his family at a delicious Indianapolis restaurant: Santorini Greek Kitchen! Santorini Greek Kitchen is located in a cute … [Continue reading]

Creamy Curry Spinach and Tofu

Creamy Curry Spinach and Tofu text

Last night, the Mini-Marathon Training Program had us scheduled to run 7 miles. I wasn't nervous about the mileage.  I was actually quite excited to be getting closer to those runs with miles in … [Continue reading]

Chickpea Banana Bread…I Swear You Can’t Taste The Chickpeas!

chickpea banana bread text

This past Sunday, my dad came over to my our new apartment to help me out with some tax stuff. Not exactly the most fun reason to have him visit, right?  So, I tried to lighten the mood a bit … [Continue reading]

High Heel Workout | Video

high heels workout 4

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a special group fitness class that focused on healthfully walking in high heels. The class started with all of the ladies, including myself, wearing high heels.  We … [Continue reading]

I Amazed Myself

food prep 3

Happy Monday! This weekend was extremely productive when it came down to knocking things off of the wedding to-do list.  I also had to go through this weekend with the mindset that I will only be … [Continue reading]

National Banana Bread Day Celebration!

arctic zero

I did something last night that I have been wanting to do for so long. Brian and I got our dinner from the food bars at Whole Foods! Brian had his meal from the hot food bar, I got mine from the … [Continue reading]