Guest Post: Eating Right For Exercise

valentine outfit

Hello all! Valerie Johnston from reached out to me not too long ago asking to write a guest post to share with all of you!  When she explained that she wanted to write an article … [Continue reading]

Delicious Falafel Burgers

falafel burger

Happy Friday! Was it just me, or did yesterday have a Friday feel to anyone else? Just in case you were wondering, my chocolate cherry smoothie breakfast yesterday turned out great!  I made it … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Cherry SPINACH Smoothie

chocolate cherry spinach smoothie

Good Morning!  Make sure to head on over to Tina's blog to read about my Best Body Bootcamp Experience!  I am featured as the Bootcamper of the … [Continue reading]

Sexy Summer Shoulder Workout

sexy summer shoulder workout

Here in Indiana, it is literally freezing! Monday, it was sunny and slightly warm, but the past two days it has literally been in the 20s, slightly snowy, and very windy.  All that I can think is … [Continue reading]

HealthysELF and Blog Improvement Progress


Good morning! I sure hope that all of you had a great Monday :) My monday started off with a sweaty group fitness class, led by yours truly, a shower at the gym, then breakfast at my desk at the … [Continue reading]

February Date Night

February Date Night

Friday night, Brian and I had our February Date Night. For Christmas, I gave Brian 12 planned and paid for dates.  At the beginning of each month, we open the envelope together and plan when we … [Continue reading]

Unexpected Extra Time

Food Prep

Saturday, Brian and I had the entire day blocked off for our first marriage prep workshop at the church that we will be married in. I always feel my best when I get some activity in early on in the … [Continue reading]

Sentimental vs Practical

valentines 3

Happy belated Valentine's Day friends!  I hope that the day was filled with love, happiness, and a little treat (whatever that may be to you!) for each and every one of you :)  Brian and I had an … [Continue reading]

Bye Bye Peanut Butter

overnight oats in a jar

Two nights ago I made this delicious (and quick!!) dinner of sauteed shrimp, roasted veggies, and quinoa with just enough to make leftovers for last night's meal.  Coming from a girl who would prefer … [Continue reading]

Healthy Date Ideas

Healthy Date Ideas

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I know that some of you may still be searching for ideas for a special date to go on with your significant other.  A lot of times, dates are often centered … [Continue reading]