Let the Packing Begin

Yesterday started out bright and early with a 30 minute elliptical warm-up at the gym followed by a strength training workout focusing on my legs.  I must admit that after running 7 miles the day … [Continue reading]

Salmon and Roasted Vegetable Feta and Quinoa Salad

Today has been a busy day from the get-go, but first I will recap about last night's dinner, because it was pretty tasty. I noticed recently that with my crazy and unpredictable schedule and teaching … [Continue reading]

I Found My Inspiration

Last night after Body Pump, I was parched, but I could not find my water bottle anywhere...luckily I have a backup.  When I got in the car to head to the gym to teach this morning, I figured out where … [Continue reading]

I Have Been Keeping Something From You

Brian came to my Body Pump class tonight!  It was very fun, although having him in the front row did make me a bit nervous.  Anyways, Pump made me very hungry, and by the time I was done with church … [Continue reading]

Goodbye to Adam and an Exciting Project!

Last night, we had a farewell dinner with Brian's family because today his brother is leaving to start his internship in Bangladesh...yes Bangladesh!! He will be working for Brac, which is one of the … [Continue reading]

What Do You Eat After?

Hey Team! That is what I call my group fitness classes ;)  Today, I am in total Group Fitness mode!  I am teaching three classes today at three different facilities.   Luckily, I have had several … [Continue reading]

Breathing Fire

I started this early morning with a bowl of overnight oats.  Today, I actually ate them before teaching my 6am spin class because I was so hungry.  I kind of flip flop back and forth between eating … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Coconut Water Love

After teaching spin, doing a bit of a shoulder, workout, and calling my new boss so that I could find out details of my new job (I start next Tuesday!) it was time for lunch. Sometimes, I feel like I … [Continue reading]

Once in a Lifetime View

Happy Monday morning! After a restless night's sleep, I started off the morning with a bowl of overnight oats.   I topped the oats with 1/3 of a frozen banana and a teaspoon of peanut … [Continue reading]

Tori and Kegan are Married!

Yesterday started off nice and early with a breakfast date with Brian's mom.  We headed to a little breakfast restaurant called Le Peep.  It is a simply little restaurant with a happy team of waiters … [Continue reading]