Minnie’s Diner

Yesterday morning, Mom and I had a breakfast date at a new-to-us eatery, Minnie's Diner. About seven weeks ago, one of my mom's good friends, Teresa, found out that Minnie's Diner was on the market … [Continue reading]

Rough Ride Home

I am home for the weekend in Fort Wayne, but I did not have an easy road getting there last night.     That would be my car, with a giant flat tire on the highway.  Luckily, it didn't … [Continue reading]

Packing Time

  It's that time again. Time to pack my bags for a weekend at home in Fort Wayne.  Packing is definitely not on the top of my list when it comes to "things I look forward to doing" no matter how … [Continue reading]

Got to Get My Crafting Hat On

          Today pretty much felt like Friday all day.  Did anyone else have that feeling?  Whenever I get the Friday bug, it just makes it so hard for me to focus and not … [Continue reading]

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Good Morning! Ok,  I have to admit that my breakfast in no way shape or form looks appetizing, but I promise that this smoothie bowl tasted so good that I was practically licking the bowl clean.  I … [Continue reading]

Completely Delicious Meatless Zucchini Lasagna

Many of you may know that Monday was the official launch of Body Pump release 82 at the gym I am an instructor at.  Because I love a theme, and I love to dress for the occasion, I ordered a shirt from … [Continue reading]

My First Official Launch and Zucchini Complete Breakfast

Good morning! I have to start by saying that last night's launch was amazing!  We had such a great turnout for all of the classes and we all had so much fun doing it.  I have to admit that I was … [Continue reading]

Koru: Representation of Strength

First things first...breakfast! I started out my morning with a batch of protein pancakes topped with homemade almond butter, strawberries, and a side of Greek yogurt.  So good! Breakfast is … [Continue reading]

More Wedding Glory

Good Sunday evening!! This weekend has just been amazing.  It all started with the surprise date I took Brian on, a wedding yesterday evening, and then a completely productive day today. Seriously, … [Continue reading]

Surprise Date Night Revealed: Indians Game, Crowne Plaza, and a Pedicab

Good Morning! Last night, Brian and I had an amazing secret date night. Over the past month, with me starting a new job, Brian traveling, and both of us just being plain old busy we haven't been … [Continue reading]