Top Fall Pinterest Finds

pinterest wreath tutorial

While fall is clearly here, I still can't get enough of cold salads: cold overnight oats: and cold smoothies!! Now, I may be EATING everything that screams summer (with a scoop of … [Continue reading]

Half Marathon Training: Not Easily Defeated

race training

Good morning and happy hump day! It is October 2 and the Monumental Half Marathon is officially one month away! Training has been going really well so far. My Sunday runs are getting longer, … [Continue reading]

Unsweetened Applesauce Made Easy

apple sauce text

It's official. I am never going to the grocery store again to buy applesauce ever.... OK, that may be a little bit extreme, but when you realize how EASY and QUICK making your own … [Continue reading]

Easy Homemade Almond Milk

almond milk text

Let's get things started off right by announcing the winner of my Cookbook Giveaway! The winner is Karey from Nutty About Health.  Judging by the word "nutty" and the amount of nutbutter … [Continue reading]

Five Random Things

circle of lights audition

Happy Friday!!!! This week has gone by amazingly fast, but nonetheless I am pumped that it is the weekend.  There are a lot of random things that I want to share with you today, so that is EXACTLY … [Continue reading]

Sprigs Bangee Review


Head on over to the Sunglass Warehouse blog to read my interview on Fall Fashion! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Recently, my iPod arm band … [Continue reading]

Cookbook Challenge {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

pb cook book

It's official.  It is the end of September and I have completed my personal Cookbook Challenge! Throughout the month of September, I recreated: Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Brownie … [Continue reading]

September Date Night: Tuttle’s Apple Orchard

apple picking 11

Saturday, Brian and I completed the September date from last year's Christmas gift:  a year of dates. You can read more about our previous dates … [Continue reading]

Scenes from the Weekend: First OFFICIAL Weekend of Fall

tara garage sale

Yesterday was the first OFFICIAL day of fall, and it actually felt like fall too!  The temperatures dropped, the sun was shining, and even though I am a warm weather girl the crisp temperatures got me … [Continue reading]

Long Love Fruit: Berry Quinoa Oat Breakfast Bake

quinoa bake text

Let's take a look at a nice and healthy breakfast recipe! First things first, this post is being sponsored by Yoplait, but my love for incorporating yogurt and fruit into tasty breakfast/snack time … [Continue reading]