Scrumptious Greek Chicken with Quinoa Salad and my First Encounter with Feta

A couple of days ago, I showed you this tasty picture without giving you a recipe or even telling you what it was! This meal of Scrumptious Greek Chicken with Quinoa Salad is a fabulous week night … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday!   I wish I could take the day off work to just hang out with her all day!  My mom and I have a great relationship, and I love talking with  her spending time … [Continue reading]

A Dirty Trick and Delicious Egg Salad

Yesterday, Brian, Kate (a good friend from Butler), and I all pulled a dirty trick on someone. We told one of our dear friend's, Caitlin who just graduated from pharmacy school, that we would not be … [Continue reading]

My New Favorite: Frozen Cherries!

Last night was a pretty simple and great night. After arriving home from work, I immediately changed my clothes so that I could get between 7 and 8 miles in on my running log.  My time wasn't that … [Continue reading]

Simple Things A to Z

Last night, Brian and I met with the planner at our wedding reception venue. Right from the get-go she took us upstairs, offered us some wine and cheese and said let's get to business.  She is my … [Continue reading]

What is Paleo…Have You Tried it?

I tried something new this morning. I had seen Clare from Fitting it all In try these a couple of days ago, and love trying new things and I was running out of eggs  to make for breakfast so I made … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Running Gadgets

        Good morning! Before heading to the gym to teach my final Yoga Sculpt class and do a bit of running, I started with a delicious bowl of berries, bananas, almond milk, … [Continue reading]

Upper Body Workout and Indianapolis Bloggers

I have so much to share with you today! Indianapolis Bloggers Yesterday, I was invited to join a group called Indianapolis Bloggers.  Indianapolis Bloggers is a community of all kinds of local … [Continue reading]

New Workout Page and Honey Peanut Buttery Granola

Boy, oh boy do I have a recipe for you! But first, I want to tell you about some updates I made to the blog yesterday. After the usual Sunday grocery shopping and food prep, I got out of the house … [Continue reading]

Cravings All Over the Place

After teaching my Saturday morning Body Pump class, Brian and I got all gussied up to head to a wedding of two of Brian's childhood friends.   This was some dangerously delicious punch made … [Continue reading]