TGIF Never Meant So Much

Last night, Brian and I had a movie date to see the film Argo. This movie was seriously intense, but I highly recommend it!  I am so happy that Brian and I saw it in the theater, and I would … [Continue reading]

Volleyball Champs and a Weekend Without Plans

Happy Friday Friends! Recently, time has literally been flying by for me.  Is it seriously Halloween next wee?! Last night, I hopped over to a coffee shop right after work to do some work and kill … [Continue reading]

Spooky Total Body Circuit, My Favorite Part of Class

Is it just me, or has anyone else received an abundance of magazines within the past two weeks? I have honestly received all of these publications in the mail within the last two weeks.  Now, I am … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin Pie Granola

It is no secret that I love all things pumpkin and all things that follow a theme.  The theme I have been sticking with most recently is the "autumn" theme. As I was getting food ready for the week … [Continue reading]

Thick and Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

A couple of nights ago, it was chilly and totally felt like the perfect weather for soup.  I asked Brian if he was in the mood for soup if I made a big batch and he distinctly told me that he like … [Continue reading]

New to Me Squash and I’m Headed to Camp

Good morning! I hope that everyone had a great end to the weekend.  I sure did!  After a day of running and getting things ready for the week ahead (as usual), I tried something new to me: I had … [Continue reading]

My First Butler Homecoming as an Alum

This morning started out with a 9 mile run.  I made sure to enjoy myself at homecoming festivities yesterday, but also made sure to drink water and sleep until I naturally woke up this morning. I … [Continue reading]

A Year Ago Today…Homecoming

A year ago today, I was preparing to fly across the world to work on board a cruise ship as the Fitness Director. I honestly have to say that this has been the fastest year ever.  I have had so … [Continue reading]

The Sleep Issue

Yesterday had me tired.  By the time it was time to actually hit the sheets, I was out like a light. I had a pretty busy day yesterday that started bright and early as I taught my boot camp class and … [Continue reading]

A Package is Like the Cherry on Top

Good morning friends! I honestly cannot believe that it is already Thursday.  Man this week flew! For me, this week has probably gone by so fast because it is not a typical week for me.  Beginning … [Continue reading]