Healthy Date Night Dinner 2: Baked Cod Parmesan and Cookie Sundaes

choc chip cookies with ice cream 2

Yesterday, I told you that one of my favorite things to do for a date night is to cook a tasty meal together that seems somewhat "fancy."  Well, I couldn't just leave you with one date night … [Continue reading]

Healthy Date Night Dinner: Portabella Pizzas and Black Bean Brownies

mushroom pizza text

February is in full swing, and I can't believe that Valentine's Day is NEXT WEEK! Now, I know some of you don't really care for Valentine's Day, or don't consider it a "real" holiday, but I think … [Continue reading]

Lentil Kale Crock-Pot Stew

lentil kale curry crock pot text

Last night, dinner in our new home was a breeze thanks to this kitchen appliance. Although meals that come out of the crock-pot are not the prettiest, they always seem to taste great, save … [Continue reading]

Big News for the Soon-to-be-Rochfords!

tara with key

Friday evening, Brian and I became the proud renters of a new apartment! Technically this is our very first place together that is just totally us, and we couldn't be more excited! In … [Continue reading]

Chia Seed Pudding

chia seed pudding

Happy Friday and happy February friends! I honestly cannot believe that January has come and gone, but that just means that I am 1 month closer to getting married ;) Yesterday's breakfast was … [Continue reading]

First Official Group Run

bathroom at work

Yesterday, was the first official group training run for the NIFS Mini-Marathon Training Program.  I was anxious, excited, and nervous for this run.  I still feel a little unqualified to be a training … [Continue reading]

Maintaining Healthy Eating During a Busy Week


This week has been one of those weeks when every single meal I eat is "on the go" or "at my desk."  These kind of weeks can get a bit old really fast simply because I truly enjoy cooking a meal, … [Continue reading]

Indy Mini-Marathon Training Program

Mini Marathon Training Program

It is that time again.... Half marathon training time! Today marks the first official day in my training program for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.  I have trained for three other half … [Continue reading]

Cranberry Date Energy Balls

cranberry date energy balls text

Last week, I received a ton of goodies in a goody bag that I received at the NIFS Mini-Marathon Training Program orientation.  One of the items that I was most excited about was the PROBAR Fuel.  I … [Continue reading]

Hitting the Books Hard

afaa study

Happy Monday! My weekend was spent with a stack of books.  This upcoming weekend, I will be attending AFAA's Primary Group Fitness Certification Workshop, and I needed to hit the books hard before … [Continue reading]