High Intensity Circuit

High Intensity Circuit

Hello friends! I warned you yesterday that my meals this week were going to be *random* and *creative*...well here is a look at last night's dinner: First of all, this photo is very misleading. … [Continue reading]

Artichoke Curry Experiment Gone Right

shrimp artichoke 2

Brian and I have yet to do a complete grocery haul, so our meals are going to be a little bit "creative" this week. After a quick  2.5 mile run with Brian last night, we were both stumped in the … [Continue reading]

SqWires St. Louis Wedding

photo (17)

I hadn't intended on taking a blogging break this weekend, but with all of the wedding fun and wedding planning that occurred it just kind of happened! Friday night was spent with Brian and one of … [Continue reading]

The Crafting Continues

wedding signage

Dinner last night came together in just under 30 minutes.  Thank goodness! Thursday nights I don't get off of work until 7pm, so an easy and QUICK dinner is essential. I whipped up a batch of my … [Continue reading]

Checking Things Off the Wedding To-Do List

wedding prints

I feel like I have been checking wedding tasks off of the to-do list left and right lately! Yesterday, I spent my lunch break at Kinkos printing signage and table numbers for our wedding.  Seeing … [Continue reading]

Recent Breakfasts and A Quick Lunch

lunch 5_21_2013

Recently my breakfasts have all been looking very similar... I have been keeping it very simple with a bowl of hot oats that I either eat when they are still hot, or allow to cool down and eat at … [Continue reading]

6 Weeks to 6 Miles

6 mile training plan

Dinner came together very easily last night, was extremely tasty, and made tons of leftovers. I whipped up a batch of pumpkin enchiladas.  This recipe never seems to disappoint, but I always forget … [Continue reading]

Tobit Retreat Weekend

brian and tara on retreat

Good Morning! This weekend was probably the most relaxing, refreshing weekend that I have had in quite some time.  I did not get on my computer at all until Sunday evening, I took a break from … [Continue reading]

Salad Experiment Success!


Dinner last night was AMAZING! I tried the Overnight Kale Salad that I read about on NutritionElla's blog, but I subbed quite a few of the ingredients in the original recipe from Women's Health … [Continue reading]

Opted for Overnight

nutritionella kale

The kale recipe I decided to try was the Overnight Kale Salad.   The thing that called to me about this recipe?  The word OVERNIGHT.  As I got home around 8pm last night, I knew that I needed to … [Continue reading]