Scenes from the Weekend

aly and andy wedding 4

Brian and I saw LOTS of friends this weekend.  Friday night, we were able to enjoy dinner out with friends, which was so fun and chill.  I loved it! Saturday morning, I taught my regular … [Continue reading]

Half Marathon Training Time

vo2 max 2

This has officially marked my first week in half marathon training for the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon on November 2, 2013. This time, I really wanted to set a new goal for … [Continue reading]

Wedding Recap: Pre-Wedding Photos


I have another wedding recap post for you! So far, I have shared: Ceremony Rehearsal Firecracker 6 Pre-Wedding Run and Lunch Welcome Dinner Getting Ready  Our First Look After Brian … [Continue reading]

Long Love Fruit: Pineapple Bran Muffins

fruitful pineapple bran muffins

I have always been the type of person that truly enjoys baking.  I love baking cakes, cookies, roasting veggies, even the occasional loaf of bread, but one of my absolute favorite things to make and … [Continue reading]

Wedding Recap: Our First Look


After spending the morning getting ready for the wedding day, I was filled with excitement as I could not wait to see Brian. The girls and I loaded up into the elevator to meet up with the boys and … [Continue reading]

Pumpkin’s Back and Our Labor Day Weekend

pumpkin oats

It's back! This morning, I started my day with a bowl of hot oats (tasted delicious but had my sweating by the end) with PUMPKIN.  This was my first serving of pumpkin this season and I cannot … [Continue reading]

Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

wedding getting ready

I am typically an early riser, and when our wedding morning came there was no exception to this rule.  My mom and sister spent the night with me, and I was the first one wide awake before the sun was … [Continue reading]

Family Cooking Experiment

spring rolls

This morning started out with a yummy bowl of cottage cheese topped with frozen cherries, blueberries, bananas and a delicious nut and dried cranberry mixture for some added crunch. I enjoyed … [Continue reading]

Unexpected Total Body Burnout

plyo jump

Last week, I mentioned that I have been taking advantage of group fitness classes for nearly every workout. Yesterday was not supposed to be any different, as I had planned to attend an early … [Continue reading]

Wedding Recap: Welcome Dinner

welcome dinner

Because our wedding ceremony rehearsal was actually two days before the wedding, we called our "rehearsal dinner" a "welcome dinner."  It was full love, warmth, family, friends, and was absolutely … [Continue reading]