Glute and Core Workout {Kettlebell + Bodyweight}

Recently, I have been doing a LOT of running…like seriously a lot (at least for me!).  I've mentioned it before that I am really trying to work on my running speed, so I've been running with a friend once a week for the past couple of months now. … [Read more...]

20 Minute Ab Workout {Bodyweight}

I totally have a confession to make…I overslept yesterday morning and didn't make it to my regular boot camp class!  To be honest, I don't know the last time I overslept for anything, but all was good.  At least it was just a workout class I wanted … [Read more...]

Superset Resistance Band Workout

I hope your weekend was FANTASTIC! Things have been pretty good around here, because Brian and I are in INDIANA visiting family for the week :) Last week, things were pretty boring in the food department (lots of grilled chicken, sauteed greens, … [Read more...]

My Version of 8 Minute Abs

Have you guys ever watched/heard of that youtube video straight from the 90's:  8 Minute Abs?  In college, my girlfriends and I would do this video all. the. time!! While the outfits and slang are a little ridiculous, I really loved the idea … [Read more...]

Quickie Bodyweight Ab Workout

Hey guys! I hope the week is going great so far :)  Wednesdays are great because the week is halfway over (duh!) but there is still time to get all the crap you need to get done done!  Yay for Wednesdays. I'll tell ya what...this puppy stuff is … [Read more...]

5 Plank Variations

Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, you can't deny that the plank is an excellent way to train your mid section. The plank focuses on isometrically strengthening the abdominal muscles.  While I love challenging myself to see … [Read more...]

Bodypumped Out!

Recently, I feel like I have been Bodypumped out! The past two weeks, I subbed several classes out of my normal rotation, and while I LOVE muscles needed a break. On top of that, I have been learning the newest material and … [Read more...]

Tag It On Ab Circuit

Fridays, my gym has a combo class that is a 30 minute version of Bodycombat that is combined with CXWORX, which is a functional core training class. Brian always has to leave in the middle so that he can get to school on time, but last night he … [Read more...]

Shoulder and Bicep Burn

Good morning! This morning's gym session was another great superset partner workout. These exercises really get my shoulders and biceps burning, which I LOVE!  Finishing things off with some weighted incline crunches is really just the cherry … [Read more...]

Better than a Cup of Joe

Hello and happy Saturday! My Saturday was off to a great and early start with an 8am spinning class this morning.  But before we dive into that, let's talk about last night. Friday Originally, I had great plans to take Brian through a workout at … [Read more...]