It’s a Lia Sophia Party!

Because I am having a group of friends over this evening for a Lia Sophia party, I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning up the apartment.  We have white cabinets in our kitchen that were looking a little bit dingy, so Brian went out and got a … [Read more...]

Who Needs To Shower?

It is 4 in the afternoon and I still have yet to me, that speaks "summer." After taking things slow this morning, I headed to the gym around 9am for a 40 minute workout and a short arm workout. This workout is from  I … [Read more...]

Lucy….I’m Home!

First thing's first.... For breakfast I had "the usual".  The smoothie was as refreshing and delicious as always! Last night, I was in the mood to bake (honestly, I don't know when I'm not in the mood to bake...).  So I tried a recipe I found a … [Read more...]