Jam Packed

I tried something new today! I usually put Splenda in my smoothies for a little extra sweetness.  Steiner, the company I will be working for on the cruise, has given me some homework to research clean foods, toxins that enter the body, and other … [Read more...]

Sunday Recipes

After unpacking from dog-sitting this past week, it was 6pm and Brain informed me that he was a liiiittle hungry.  I still wasn't ready for an entire meal after all of the cake that I ate at the bridal show, so I wanted to whip up something really … [Read more...]


First stop today was Good Earth Natural Foods in a little area of Indianapolis called Broad Ripple.  I love buying items on my grocery list here that are unique, natural, and whole.  Today I purchased dates, carrots, apples, tofu, almonds, peanuts, … [Read more...]

Friday Food

Last night Brian and I had a random dinner.  I am going grocery shopping today, so it was kind of like leftovers/whatever was in the fridge.  Growing up, I always remember thinking of certain foods as "Friday" foods.  When I would ask my mom what … [Read more...]

Lazy Morning

What do I love about a day without work or anything scheduled? Sleeping until my body naturally wakes up...7am this morning...woo! Eating breakfast in my PJs before my daily workout Today's breakfast:  Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl topped with … [Read more...]

Unpredictable Schedule

It is Monday!  I started the day off by sleeping 30 minutes past my alarm.  Lately, I have been sleeping past my alarm and I think it has to do with the fact that my schedule this summer has been so unpredictable.  I love how I am always doing … [Read more...]

Long Weekend Makes a Short Week

This weekend seemed suuuper long, which is great.  I felt like Brian and I were actually able to hangout and do summery things without having to worry about our fun plans conflicting with other things that need to get done.  I know this week will … [Read more...]