Wedding Recap: Our First Look

After spending the morning getting ready for the wedding day, I was filled with excitement as I could not wait to see Brian. The girls and I loaded up into the elevator to meet up with the boys and so Brian and I could have our "first … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

I am typically an early riser, and when our wedding morning came there was no exception to this rule.  My mom and sister spent the night with me, and I was the first one wide awake before the sun was out. The excitement I felt topped any … [Read more...]

The Final Bridal Shower

What perfect Saturday! I celebrated my upcoming wedding with my final wedding shower this Saturday.  My mom was able to come to Indianapolis from Fort Wayne, the weather was 100% perfect and the day was just full of fun and buzz about the … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Weekend Day 2

Last night, I had a nice little week night treat.  One of my bridesmaids, Taryn, came over for dinner with Brian and I!  Because our schedules are both crazy right now (her sister is getting married soon!!) it has been a while since we have seen each … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Party Weekend Day 1

This weekend was amazing and so much fun.  I spent the weekend in Chicago with some of my best girlfriends celebrating my bachelorette party. I don't want to miss any details, so I am going to start with the very beginning: After work on … [Read more...]

SqWires St. Louis Wedding

I hadn't intended on taking a blogging break this weekend, but with all of the wedding fun and wedding planning that occurred it just kind of happened! Friday night was spent with Brian and one of my bridesmaids getting crafts ready for our … [Read more...]