Five Things Friday 3.17.2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! We are at the end of our third full week as Indianapolis residents, and Brian has completed his first full week of work.  Kind of crazy considering he has been in school for the majority of his life! Bernie on … [Read more...]

PetBox for my Parent’s Puppies

This year, a goal of mine has been to attend a yoga class or practice yoga at home at least one time a week and I have been pretty successful!  I am even able to get Brian to attend with me on occasion. Yesterday morning, we were both ready to go … [Read more...]

Final Run and A Nostalgic Night

Yesterday started with an early morning treadmill run. Not just ANY treadmill run, the final run in my half marathon training plan.  The Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon is this Saturday and I couldn't be more excited, anxious, and ready … [Read more...]

My First Butler Homecoming as an Alum

This morning started out with a 9 mile run.  I made sure to enjoy myself at homecoming festivities yesterday, but also made sure to drink water and sleep until I naturally woke up this morning. I headed out the door at around 9am and as soon as I … [Read more...]

Balancing Life

The venue we visited was Hilbert Circle Theatre.  Hilbert is literally smack dab in the middle of downtown, which I love!, so Brian and I were able to walk there in 25 minutes from our apartment. It was pretty and gave us a lot to think about and add … [Read more...]