CXWORX Certification Training

This weekend, I completed another milestone in my fitness journey.  I attended  (and passed!) the initial certification training for Les Mills CXWORX. CXWORX is the 30 minute personal trainer inspired, quick, efficient, mentally and physically … [Read more...]

Highlights from the Weekend: High Heel Workout, Fitness Certification, Valentine’s Dance, and More Moving!

This weekend was very fun, productive, and a bit of a whirlwind! My weekend started by teaching a group fitness class on Friday night that focused on how to safely wear high heels and how to strengthen and stretch the leg and core muscles that are … [Read more...]

So You Want To Teach Group Fitness

Yesterday, when I got to work and unloaded the cupcake torches, I had a little disaster on my hands that looked something like this... source Unfortunately, I didn't have my phone or camera to capture a shot of the real thing.  I ended up leaving … [Read more...]

I Passed and Had the Best Weekend Ever

For those who don't know, Body Pump is the original barbell class that works eight major muscle groups (quads, glutes/hamstrings, chest, back, triceps, biceps, abdominals, and shoulders) to fatigue in one hour, all set to awesome, popular, motivating … [Read more...]