Healthy Date Night Dinner 2: Baked Cod Parmesan and Cookie Sundaes

Yesterday, I told you that one of my favorite things to do for a date night is to cook a tasty meal together that seems somewhat "fancy."  Well, I couldn't just leave you with one date night here is another healthier date night option: … [Read more...]

Mom’s Holiday Buckeye Recipe

And because it is the season, I have yet another holiday recipe to share with you all! Of all the cookies and treats that my mom makes each year, I would say that her buckeyes are one of my top two favorites.  That is saying a LOT.  These are the … [Read more...]

Holiday Pretzel Buttons

It is that time of year! Time for the holiday baking to begin. Although I truly try to limit my sweet and treat intake, I absolutely love baking for others!  For me, this time of year means a little forgiveness is needed in the sweet department, as … [Read more...]

Chocolate Raisin Oat Cookies Made with Coconut Oil

I mentioned earlier this week that the majority of Sunday was spend in the kitchen as a "food prep" day.  While most of the food that I prep on the weekends is roasted veggies, chopped veggies, and lean protein options, I usually try to sneak in some … [Read more...]

Tabata…Don’t Ya Want Ta?!

Breakfast this morning came in the form of creamy, cold, deliciousness... I had been craving something coffee/chocolate the past couple of days, and this satisfied that craving BIG time! Mocha Overnight Oats Makes one bowl of oats 1/2 cup of … [Read more...]

Just a Minute Abs…and Chocolate Cake

Tonight, I am super excited because I will be teaching a 30 minute core class.  I love teaching classes like this because they are super quick, and when I workout on my rarely do I spend 30 minutes just focusing on my abs.  I usually just tag some … [Read more...]

I Have Been Keeping Something From You

Brian came to my Body Pump class tonight!  It was very fun, although having him in the front row did make me a bit nervous.  Anyways, Pump made me very hungry, and by the time I was done with church choir and got home I was ready to eat. Dinner … [Read more...]

What to do with Chocolate Goo?

Good Friday Morning! Today is my workout "OFF" day this week because I have my BodyPump training all weekend and I hear it is pretty intense, so I want to be all rested and ready to show them who is boss ;) Yesterday, I filled in as an instructor for … [Read more...]

Completely Delicious Chocolate Protein Muffins

Good Morning! One thing I love about Thursday?  It is almost time for the weekend!  Which can often make it hard to focus on specific tasks that need to get done before the weekend.  This Thursday in particular just happens to be the day before my … [Read more...]

Foam Rolling Magic

Sorry about the lack of postage yesterday, I was having some internet difficulties...but as of right now, I am back online! This morning, I started my day off early with some speed training on the track.  I completed a routine of 6x400 interval … [Read more...]