Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen 2

Hello all! Here is my second official VLOG and the second installment in the "Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen."  Growing up, music was always part of my life whether I was singing in choir, performing in the school musical, or in the … [Read more...]

Even When it’s Cold and My Homemade Gifts

Today has been an amazingly productive day. I started my productive day with a delicious smoothie.  It has been so long since I last had one, so even though the weather is only in the 40s a smoothie is what satisfied my morning hunger. My … [Read more...]

Typical Morning and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

This morning started as a pretty typical morning for me, at the gym! Today, I completed Workout B from the third phase of Tina's Best Body Boot Camp and boy oh boy are those burpees killer!  This phase of the workout is a true circuit style boot … [Read more...]

Post-Thanksgiving Weekend and a Wedding Surprise

Gosh, is it just me, or does it seem like the first day back after a long weekend is more full and busy than a typical day? Yesterday was jam-packed from start to finish so I didn't have a chance to share the details of my weekend post-Thanksgiving. … [Read more...]

Shopping, Wreaths, and the Holiday Spirit

Today started nice and early with a big bowl of chocolate overnight oats topped with some fruit and peanut butter. But let's go back and look at what I did yesterday!  It was a day full of shopping, crafting, and family. We started off the day … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays and Travel Updates

The internet on the boat is iffy and expensive...but I am still here!! 25 Questions: Holiday Style Eggnog or hot chocolate? Eggnog.  I love a good, rich hot chocolate as well, but to me, nothing speaks Christmas like eggnog.  I usually only have … [Read more...]