I’m in My First Cookbook!

Remember the Fall FashIN event I attended back in August? Not only was it fun, but I met some amazing women! One of these great ladies messaged me back in September asking if I would contribute to a holiday e-cookbook for one of her … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chippers and Other Healthy Halloween Recipes

Happy Halloween! I have been absolutely loving all of the healthy and cute Halloween food inspiration from Pinterest and around the web, so today I will share some of my favorites with you in honor of this fun holiday. Because Brian and I don't … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve Recap: New and Old Traditions

This year was the second year that Brian and I have spent Christmas with both of our families.  We make sure to spend adequate amount of time with each of our families so that neither of our families (or us!) feels like we are missing out. A … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve Pump and Sugar Cookie Decorating

Merry Christmas Eve!! Today started with an early Body Pump class that was holiday themed!  I considered taking today off, but when the instructor said that this was a special class I couldn't pass it up.  We ended up doing a 30 minute session of … [Read more...]

Mom’s Holiday Buckeye Recipe

And because it is the season, I have yet another holiday recipe to share with you all! Of all the cookies and treats that my mom makes each year, I would say that her buckeyes are one of my top two favorites.  That is saying a LOT.  These are the … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut Oil

When I got home last night, all that I really wanted to do was bake.  I had been brainstorming a recipe on my long drives to and form work and I just had to try it out. I have been wanting to do a lot of experimenting with coconut oil recently, … [Read more...]

Simple Pumpkin Spice Cookies

When I got home yesterday, I had yet another package waiting for me!  I love getting mail, especially in package form, so I was very excited to see what was in this delivery. It was a little mini coin purse from Self Magazine (I think) for … [Read more...]

First Summer Festival of the Year

Last night officially felt like summer.  After spending the day running, going to the farmer's market, and then laying by the pool.  Brian and I joined two other couples for a dinner on the grill. It was full of veggies and completely delicious.  We … [Read more...]

I Have Been Keeping Something From You

Brian came to my Body Pump class tonight!  It was very fun, although having him in the front row did make me a bit nervous.  Anyways, Pump made me very hungry, and by the time I was done with church choir and got home I was ready to eat. Dinner … [Read more...]


When Brian and I started to get to know each other during the end of my sophomore year of college I baked him snickerdoodles for his birthday as a little surprise treat.  I had been making them since I was a little girl because to me, they are fun, … [Read more...]