Zesty Chopped Italian Salad

This recipe and all of grill week are sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market.   Day two of Grill Week is all about the sides.  This Zesty Italian Chopped Salad is inspired by that wonderful pasta salad that made an appearance at every summer get … [Read more...]

Cucumber Olive-Pesto Roll Ups

I have always been an olive lover.  As a child, I remember making pizzas on a Saturday night with my family and almost feeling guilty about putting olives on my homemade pizza because I thought they tasted that good!  Now, in my childhood I was … [Read more...]

Award Winning Appetizers

It is officially awards season, which means that Sunday nights will be spent watching all of the beautiful hollywood stars in their amazing gowns from the comfort of our cozy couch in my jammies :) Just because I'm cozy in my pjs doesn't doesn't … [Read more...]

No Cavity Here

After my 8 mile run this morning I wasn't too hungry.  I am finding that for about an hour or so after my long runs I am just not hungry.  I know that post-workout nutrition is important for recovery, so I am trying to figure out what works best for … [Read more...]