Day in the Life 2

Happy Hump Day! I hope your week is great so far :) Many of you have requested a "day in the life" style here ya go! This is what my Monday looked like this week 5:00am--wake up get ready for the gym, check e-mails, start the … [Read more...]

Calling All Week Night Recipes!

Morning!!! So, this post may be a little random, but we will just go with it. OK? OK! First of all, there were some questions with yesterday's "day in the life" post regarding my snacking and meal time habits. When I have crazy days like … [Read more...]

Day in the Life

Good morning friends! I have been contemplating writing a "day in the life post" for quite some time now, but every time I think to do it I either don't have enough pictures to make it interesting OR I think "that was a really boring/busy day and … [Read more...]