College Throwback

First thing's first, I owe you a work look! My walk to work was amazing!  I love when the weather is sunny and bright, I feel like it just puts everyone in a good smiley mood :) Everything just seemed to be bright and cheery. Dinner Tonight's … [Read more...]

Volumize with Veggies

I was really in the mood to bake yesterday, but didn't exactly have the time so I made the dough yesterday stored it in the fridge and baked up the cookies today. I wanted to make something healthy that tasted really yummy so I found a recipe for … [Read more...]

Packing Schmacking

Ok, so would you believe me if I told you that I didn't start packing and I plan on doing it in the morning tomorrow before we leave at noon?  Well, that is exactly what happened.  I stayed after work a little bit longer than planned, and then there … [Read more...]

Fashion Addition

I went to see my sister clock out of school for her last time today!  My dad was able to show up too, and he video taped the entire thing.  If I remember my dad for only one thing, it is him having the video camera glued to his hand recording every … [Read more...]

Tofu Dinner Winner

While nannying, the kids and I decided it would be a great day to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Although I went to the midnight showing, I have serious issues with falling asleep during just about any movie I watch if it is turned on after 9pm. … [Read more...]

August Moving Forward

Ok! So wordpress is back up and working well! So here are some things that we missed this morning because there were no pictures... I had a delicious coffeelicious smoothie this morning in a cup rather than my usual bowl. Today was a great last … [Read more...]

All Rolled into One All Rolled into One

Sorry for only one post today!  My computer has been super slow lately, and I really needed to clean things up, so my computer was dumping most of it's information onto my external hard drive for a good portion of the day.  So far, it seems to be … [Read more...]

Sushi on the Rocks

Before I left for work, I had a lunch of what I like to call a sampler plate.  On today's plate was a slice of tomato, cucumber, celery, carrots, 2 garlic stuffed olives, and 3 little date treats made of dates cut down the middle stuffed with peanut … [Read more...]

Cycle 45 and Dinner for 2 times 2

Tonight's cycle 45 workout went a little something like this: Warm Up: 5 minutes, gradually increase speed and intensity throughout 5 minutes Out of Saddle (11 min) Alternate between sitting and standing for 30 seconds (3 min) Alternate between … [Read more...]

1 Month Anniversary!

Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary of blogging, and I totally missed it!  How the heck did that happen?!  Well, I am celebrating now! ;) Wedding I have more exciting news...Brian and I officially have a venue for our reception!  We are having it … [Read more...]