4 Moves for Summer Dress-Ready Shoulders

Yesterday after teaching my spinning class, I decided that a little shoulder workout was what I needed.  Summer is getting near meaning it is time to expose our arms, and I have always thought that if a woman has toned shoulders it automatically … [Read more...]

Bridal Show Weekend and 100 Reasons

Good Monday morning!  I hope that your weekend was fantastic and you are jazzed up and ready to start the week!   This morning, I started my day with the last of my mini baked oatmeal bites.  They were delicious and quick, which is just what I … [Read more...]

Better than a Cup of Joe

Hello and happy Saturday! My Saturday was off to a great and early start with an 8am spinning class this morning.  But before we dive into that, let's talk about last night. Friday Originally, I had great plans to take Brian through a workout at … [Read more...]

I’m Aware

Good morning!   I hope that everyone's Tuesday is off to a great start.  This morning I woke up wondering if my legs would be sore from my workout yesterday.  Although I have been able to stay active since I have been home from the cruise … [Read more...]

Back in Action

Yesterday, I was absolutely NOT feeling myself.  As much as I tried to go along and do normal things, the feeling of sickness just overtook me.  Luckily, I wasn't sick to my stomach, just body aches, slight temp., runny nose, etc. but I went to bed … [Read more...]

Like a Kid

Yesterday morning, the group fitness class I attended was titled "Cardio Intervals."  It was a great class in the fact that there was a lot of variety and we incorporated some strength training as well.  At one point, we were literally skipping giant … [Read more...]