Winter Citrus Salad with Crispy Chicken

Sweet and tart winter citrus pairs with slightly bitter arugula, crunchy radishes, sweet roasted fennel, and crispy almond crusted chicken for a mealtime salad that won't¬†disappoint! Hey friends! This weekend was great, but it went by all too … [Read more...]

How To Roast Fennel

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to experiment in the kitchen. ¬†I adore trying new-to-me recipes out of cookbooks or that I find online, I love creating my own recipes, and I love exploring new tastes! This month, the recipe redux theme … [Read more...]

Fancy Fennel

Last night, I taught my cycle 45 spinning class and we did this workout: Warm Up 5 minutes Sprints 7 min: 4x15 moderate 4x15 sprint 2x30 sprint 45 sec sprint 15 sec recovery Hills and Jumps 10: 2 min at race pace Hills (30 sec each 5, 6, … [Read more...]