Sizzlefish Review + Salmon Stir Fry

Salmon Stir Fry via Treble in the Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago I felt like it was Christmas in September when I received an amazing package at my door! Just outside my door, I had a huge box of Sizzlefish waiting for me! Sizzlefish is a company that sends perfectly portioned, … [Read more...]

Cookbook Challenge: Thyme Roasted Beets and a Recipe!

black bean mango swordfish text

It is Wednesday and I have already completed this week's cookbook challenge recipe!  Woop! This week, I had some fresh produce that was nearing the end of it's life and needed to be eaten quickly, so I began scouring my cookbooks looking for … [Read more...]

First Summer Weekend

summer solstice yoga

What an amazing first weekend of summer! With the wedding festivities beginning in just a week and a half, things have been a bit crazy around here.  I haven't only been consumed with wedding fun, I have squeeze a couple of other things into the … [Read more...]

Super Simple Fish Tacos

fish tacos text

Recently, I have found myself in a bit of a food making rut. Usually, I find the process of planning a menu for the week, purchasing the ingredients, and preparing the food therapeutic, but recently I have lost sight of that.  I feel like every … [Read more...]

Salmon Burgers as my New Go-To

seapak salmon burger 1

Head on over to the NIFS Blog to check out my post with advice for "How to Dress for Running in Cold Weather"! _____________________________________________________________________________ Yesterday, I started out my morning just like every … [Read more...]

Healthy Date Night Dinner 2: Baked Cod Parmesan and Cookie Sundaes

choc chip cookies with ice cream 2

Yesterday, I told you that one of my favorite things to do for a date night is to cook a tasty meal together that seems somewhat "fancy."  Well, I couldn't just leave you with one date night here is another healthier date night option: … [Read more...]

Theta Salad

dinner 3

Last night, literally at 5:03pm Brian called me to see if I was on my way home yet.  Unfortunately, I was close to being done for the day, but I still had a couple of things to wrap up.  Brian is usually pretty hungry for dinner when that time of day … [Read more...]

Simply Delicious Chili Lime Tilapia

Acouple of months ago, I went home for the weekend to hang out with my mom.  Mom enjoys trying new recipes and finding new favorites just like me, and she knows that I like to try new things too.  When I came home that particular time, she made a … [Read more...]

Nice and Homey

Yesterday, I have to admit that I was a little bit overwhelmed and wasn't quite sure if Brian and I would finish putting our apartment together. We started with several piles that looked like this: And ended with rooms that looked like … [Read more...]

Happiness Equals Success

Yesterday was a day full of doctors appointments and driving.  Until I arrived back in Indianapolis and picked up my brother, Kenny from my sister's apartment.  He is on spring break right now, and came home from his school in Florida to visit.  He … [Read more...]