Five Things Friday 10.3.2014

Happy Friday! Yesterday kind of felt like my Friday because Brian and I have friends visiting from Indianapolis for the weekend.  I was able to spend the day with them exploring our little neighborhood and the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 9.5.2014

Happy Friday! Don't you just love 4 day weeks?  It's already the weekend :) Tonight, Brian and I will be laying low and doing things like cleaning the apartment because tomorrow we are having some of our friends from his ortho program over … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 7.25.2014

Hello and happy weekend! This is officially the last weekend Brian and I will be spending in Indianapolis for a long time.  Although we have known that we are moving out to Denver for quite some time, it is starting to actually feel real.  There … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 6.13.2014

Happy Friday the 13th! My weekend actually started a day early this week (yippee!) because Brian and I headed up to Fort Wayne to so we could be with our friends for their wedding today. Last night, we went to a Tin Caps baseball game and we … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 6.6.2014

Hey guys! How has your week been? I hope it's been great, sunny, and happy! This week, I was able to be productive with personal/around the house work-type things after the work day and Brian and I were also able to visit friends who just had a … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 5.30.2014

Good morning and happy Friday!!! This four day work-week certainly flew by, and I cannot believe it is JUNE this weekend.  That means, in a month and a half I will stop working my full-time job, and it just 2 short months Brian and I will move … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 5.23.2014

Happy Friday! The weather here in Indiana has been absolutely gorgeous this week...with the exception of a HUGE storm on Wednesday night that included large pieces of hail...literally it has truly felt like summer this week which makes me SO happy … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 5.16.2014

After two big weekends with the mini marathon Brian's graduation celebration, this weekend is actually pretty low-key. I've got a couple of crafty things I'll be working on tonight and tomorrow, some fun blog stuff to set up and other … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 5.9.2014

Happy Friday! This is a BIG weekend in the Rochford household...Brian graduates from dental school! That means tonight, we will spend the evening cleaning our apartment, baking up some treats and decorating for the graduation party tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 4.18.2014

Hey Friends! In case you didn't's Friday! Typically, each week literally flies by for me, but for some reason this week seemed to drag on a bit so I am extra excited that it's the weekend. This weekend will be filled with lots of … [Read more...]