An Altered May Date Night

Hello and happy Saturday! Brian and I celebrated our May date night last night....but it wasn't exactly the date I had originally planned. You can read more about my date night Christmas gift in this post, and if you follow the blog you may … [Read more...]

March Date Night

Brian and I had our special date night this past Friday. This year, Brian's Christmas gift was 12 pre-planned and pre-paid dates.  There is a special envelope for each month with the details of the date inside, and at the beginning of each month … [Read more...]

Sentimental vs Practical

Happy belated Valentine's Day friends!  I hope that the day was filled with love, happiness, and a little treat (whatever that may be to you!) for each and every one of you :)  Brian and I had an amazing Valentine's Day, as this was our last … [Read more...]

New Stores and New Tasty Food

In the past two days, I have tried a ton of new stuff. Last night, after coming home from work I was pretty darn hungry.  There were some perfectly ripe avocados that I had been saving all week sitting on the counter that definitely needed to be … [Read more...]

Friday in a Nutshell and the Foodie Blogroll!

I had a pretty eventful is what went on (in a nutshell ;) ) I was invited to be a member of Foodie Blogroll!! Foodie Blogroll is a blogging community that features different blogs each week, allows members to participate in exclusive … [Read more...]

High on Endorphins!

Well I must say that endorphins do have a way of making things brighter.  Like I mentioned in my post earlier, I was feeling pretty down before heading to the gym.  I still went an hour before my class so that I could get some cross training in … [Read more...]

Food that Comforts

This evening has been nice and relaxing, which is just what I needed after a busy work week.  For dinner, I was really in the mood for some easy comfort food.  I decided on pasta!  I love using Al Dente Whole Wheat Flax Blend pasta, it cooks up so … [Read more...]