Green B.E.A.N. Delivery: Grocery Delivery Review

Green Bean Delivery

Typically, I am the kind of girl who really looks forward to grocery shopping.  I enjoy picking out my own fruits and vegetables  and taking my time going through every aisle of the store. That being said, there are plenty of times when I just … [Read more...]

Inside the Fridge

inside my fridge treble in the kitchen

Wanna peak inside my fridge? Head on over to Robins Bite to check out my "Inside the Fridge Feature!"  Robin shares pictures of the inside of my fridge and also a question and answer session about my grocery shopping and food habits.  Happy … [Read more...]

Earth Fare Comes to Indiana

Yesterday, I had the amazing experience of entering a new-to-Indiana grocery store, Earth Fare, and receiving a tour of this great place to purchase things that we use every single day. Earth Fare is just what it says that it is, the healthy … [Read more...]


And the winner of the Facebook "Like" me contest is.... Emily!!! Send me an e-mail at so that we can get crackin' on that grocery list make-over :) … [Read more...]

Like Me? Then “Like” Me!

Last night, I made a deliciously simple meal that was nearly made of all local ingredients. The wine was from Easley Winery, the main dish was a U-Relish Farms crockpot meal (review coming soon!), and the salad...well it came from the grocery … [Read more...]

Playing Catch Up

Sundays have turned into my food preparation days for the following week, which I really love!  That means I get to go grocery shopping and spend all day in the kitchen...sign me up :) I am trying a new technique with my grocery shopping and … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Party and Weekend Recap!

*Warning:  some of these photos are extremely blurry... Yesterday, we celebrated Erin's upcoming wedding with her bachelorette party.  The day was FULL of activities and I felt so special to be included in all of it! We started the day bright and … [Read more...]

The Day After

I am sure that you all have heard that muscle soreness occurs the day after a workout, or that you can see the results of your workout the day after, but has anyone ever heard that you get extremely hungry the day after an intense workout? Well, I … [Read more...]

Two New-to-Me Foods

Good Monday morning! Before we move into the beginning of this week, let's recap what went on yesterday. After singing in the church choir, Brian and I used up the last bit of our Starbucks gift card on a little mid morning chai tea drink break.  … [Read more...]

Not Exactly A Couponer

This morning I woke up knowing that I would be busy all day.  I quickly made myself a bowl of "in the morning" overnight oats because I didn't know if I would be in the mood for oats this morning....and I was! Chocolate Strawberry Overnight … [Read more...]