Strawberry Basil Guacamole

Sweet basil and strawberries take this creamy guacamole dish on an unexpected journey to the next level.  Your taste buds (and friends that you share this dish with!) will thank you.  This weekend was another one for the books.  We had friends … [Read more...]

Boot Camp and Puppies

After breakfast this morning, I headed to the gym with my mom.  After having a good 5 days off from working out, it sure did feel great to start the day with a sweat session!  I completed a boot camp style workout that combined various exercises that … [Read more...]

Adobo is a G0-Go

Last night, Kate (Brian's mom) and I had a blast!  Adobo Grill ranks high in our books. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very festive and fun, and all of the staff is kind and friendly.  We started off our meal with a drink called La Pila that … [Read more...]

“Guy Food” Series

Brian and I went out last night for a bar crawl with his dental school called the "Cuspid Crawl."  Unfortunately, after church I was feeling less than great, and had to take a nap as soon as we got home.  After the nap break, I feel ready to conquer … [Read more...]

Father of the Bride

The sun really wore us out!  Brian took a long nap before dinner, but I took mine during the movie we watched with mom.  I don't know about you, but for some reason whenever a movie is turned on my eyes just get heavier and heavier until I finally … [Read more...]