It’s That Time Again and Creamy Curry Slow Cooker Meal

It's that time again... Half marathon training time! I honestly have not run consistently since the Monumental Half Marathon back in November, but I have maintained my fitness level through indoor cycling, Bodypump, CXWORX, yoga and … [Read more...]

How Do You Decide Which Race to Run?

It's official, friends. This May, I will complete my sixth half marathon!  The One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon. You may remember I wrote a recap post all about last year's mini marathon! Next week, the NIFS Mini Marathon Training … [Read more...]

Monumental Half Marathon 2013

If you have been following the blog for the past couple of months, you know that I have been training for the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon.  This was my fifth half marathon, so I wasn't just training to complete the race I was actually … [Read more...]

The Final Long Run and I Can’t Believe It!

This past weekend I did something that I honestly was pretty unsure of. I completed the final long run in my half marathon training plan.  12 miles with an 8 minute and 9 second pace.  This is just 9 seconds slower than what I need to be on race … [Read more...]

Tips for Tackling Your Long Run

It's time. My half marathon will be here in 15 days, and I have one long run left to go.  I have a habit of psyching myself out before these long runs, which is why it's best for me to do them first thing in the morning.  When I complete … [Read more...]

Double Digit Miles

After two weekends in a row of VERY rainy weather on the day I was set to complete my long run, I was so happy and relieved that the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Indianapolis this weekend. I woke up yesterday morning with determination to … [Read more...]

Half Marathon Training: Not Easily Defeated

Good morning and happy hump day! It is October 2 and the Monumental Half Marathon is officially one month away! Training has been going really well so far. My Sunday runs are getting longer, and I am keeping my pace right around 8:30 or 8 … [Read more...]

Was It 6 Miles or 8 Miles…

Head on over to the BIG City Little Indiana blog today to check out my review on House Foods tofu with a yummy recipe!! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Training for my half … [Read more...]

New Fitness Goals: My Fifth Half Marathon

Happy hump day folks! These past couple of weeks have felt like a whirlwind. I feel as though once I come into work, I blink and then the day is done and I kind of wonder if I was able to accomplish everything I set out to.  Initially, I was … [Read more...]

Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Saturday I ran and completed my fourth half marathon!  It is always an overwhelming and amazing feeling to cross the finish line, but this race was extra special because I beat my personal record by 30 seconds (every second counts ;)) and the … [Read more...]