Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon and a Great Saturday at Home

So far, this has been an amazing weekend. Friday night, almost immediately after Brian walked in the door, we walked right back out to hit the road for our two our drive up to Fort Wayne. For my birthday this past April, my mom paid for my … [Read more...]

The Final Days of Half Marathon Training

When I arrived home yesterday from work, there was a special package waiting for Brian and I. It was the CD of our engagement photos!  Brian and I quickly looked through the photos, and I seriously do not have any idea how we are going to pick a … [Read more...]

Clinging onto that “Runner’s High”

Yesterday, I completed my final long run before the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon this Saturday. After completing my long runs in the past, sometimes I would experience headaches, nausea, and just plain feeling not-so-great.  That kind of took away … [Read more...]

Benefits of Massage Therapy: Pathway to Perfection

Before we get started...Click here to vote for me to be the Face of Fitness Magazine! :)  It only takes a second!   _________________________________ For the past couple of months, I have been training for the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon on … [Read more...]

My Favorite Running Gadgets

        Good morning! Before heading to the gym to teach my final Yoga Sculpt class and do a bit of running, I started with a delicious bowl of berries, bananas, almond milk, a little bit of protein powder, cinnamon, and a … [Read more...]

Training Schedule

Last night, I hung out with my parents! We originally planned to walk around and eat at the Rib America Festival, but when it started pouring down rain we decided on eating in at a restaurant. We went to a little bar/restaurant called Chatham Tap. … [Read more...]

Race Day Recap

Hello! I survived my first half marathon!  And so did Lauren (my friend who did it with me).  It was a great experience and a fun accomplishment to check off the the ole to-do list.  Here is a recap of the entire day. Yesterday, Jenna, Lauren, and … [Read more...]

Training Isn’t Always Pretty

I woke up today ready to run! I started out with an overnight bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter to give me fuel for my final long run of training. My mom is part of a walking group, and today they were walking 6 miles so I went with them to see … [Read more...]

Pre-Post Workout Fuel for the Bod

As part of my half marathon training, I am going to focus on two things that usually go to the wayside: strength training, and properly fueling before and refueling after my runs.  Since today is my first official half marathon training run, I … [Read more...]