Five Things Friday 10.7.2016

The end of the week is here! Brian's cousin will be visiting this weekend, so we are excited to act like tourists right along with her as we show her all the best things Denver and the mountains have to offer.  I'm also running the Boulder Rez … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 2.20.2015

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! This week has felt a little weird.  On Wednesday, I had the feeling like "'s only Wednesday!?" Now, today I'm like "OMG, it's already Friday!?" HA! I guess that's what a holiday on a Monday does to ya! Other … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 1.9.2015

Hi and happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful first full week of 2015 :) This week was full of a lot of "catching up" and getting my life in order before hitting the books again for the semester.  I begin my final round of prerequisites … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 10.31.2014

Happy Halloween!! Mom sent me a Halloween card and I just have to share the little comic she put on the back :) Made me giggle...I think that's everyone's worst fear!! Tonight, Brian and I are going to a Halloween party as Marry Poppins … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 6.13.2014

Happy Friday the 13th! My weekend actually started a day early this week (yippee!) because Brian and I headed up to Fort Wayne to so we could be with our friends for their wedding today. Last night, we went to a Tin Caps baseball game and we … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 5.16.2014

After two big weekends with the mini marathon Brian's graduation celebration, this weekend is actually pretty low-key. I've got a couple of crafty things I'll be working on tonight and tomorrow, some fun blog stuff to set up and other … [Read more...]

Easter Weekend Recap 2014

Good morning!!! The first thing I want to say this morning is GOOD LUCK to anyone running the Boston Marathon today!!! :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was full of family and lots of sunshine...two things that make me very … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 4.18.2014

Hey Friends! In case you didn't's Friday! Typically, each week literally flies by for me, but for some reason this week seemed to drag on a bit so I am extra excited that it's the weekend. This weekend will be filled with lots of … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 4.4.2014

Hello and happy spring Friday! The weather is finally warming up here in Indianapolis, and I am hoping it is here to stay.  It was so warm this week, that I was able to complete my 9 mile long run in shorts and a lightweight long sleeve! This … [Read more...]

The Start of the Best Month Ever!

Happy April Fool's Day and happy first day of the best month ever! That's right, April is probably my favorite month for many reasons... #1 It's my birth month! #2 Spring FINALLY starts to show up and stay around for a while...although there … [Read more...]