Motivation Monday: Fit and Healthy Feature-Lindsey

Hey friends! It's Monday and that means I'm ALL about sharing the motivation in another Fit and Healthy Feature. Today, Lindsey shares her motivational story about how she got BACK into the healthy lifestyle she once knew and loved.  It … [Read more...]

How I Fight The Stress Monster

I've always considered myself to be a little bit of a "high stress" type of person.  It's a real challenge for me to live in the now because I am always looking into the future, figuring out what goals need to be met, what the next steps are and how … [Read more...]

Love Your Body Challenge 2015

Hi again! Just popping in to share a fun little accountability challenge that I am hosting with a fellow blogger, fitness fan, healthy eater, and fitfluential ambassador Maria!     This month, we thought we would jump on the … [Read more...]

Listening to My “Gut” and Getting Back to Basics

2015 is in full swing and I'm sure there are many of you out there with several goals, resolutions, and things you want to work on this year.  I am right there with ya with my own handful of self-improvement projects, but there is one thing that is … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Wear a Fitness Tracker

Hey friends! Hope you are having a happy Saturday :) I wanted to share my most recent post on the NIFS blog--"5 Reasons to Wear a Fitness Tracker." I have a Fitbit Flex and absolutely love it :)  My favorite feature is the sleep tracker! … [Read more...]

45 Min Cardio HIIT and Core Workout

(no equipment necessary!) Hey guys! Happy hump day :)  I hope the week has been wonderful so far! I've got a great midweek cardio and ab workout for you to try out.  This is actually the workout I took my cardio HIIT class through the past … [Read more...]

The Big Buzz About Juice – Q & A with Williams-Sonoma

Juicing is a pretty big "buzz" word right now.  So many people are trying juice cleanses, ordering green juices from cool juicing bars and shops, and making their own juices.  While juicing is super popular right now, this whole juicing thing is … [Read more...]

Life Updates: Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

As I write this post I am sipping on a HUGE smoothie that is kind of sludge colored that tastes absolutely fabulous. This smoothie is: 1 frozen banana 2/3 cup frozen cherries 1 cup almond milk 1 big handful of spinach 1 cup almond … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 9.5.2014

Happy Friday! Don't you just love 4 day weeks?  It's already the weekend :) Tonight, Brian and I will be laying low and doing things like cleaning the apartment because tomorrow we are having some of our friends from his ortho program over … [Read more...]

Fiesta Quinoa Salad–Flavoring with Lemon Instead of Salt

I grew up in a family of salt lovers. We loved salting our meals, salting our cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, salting our popcorn, we just loved our salt!  I really try to watch my salt intake and the amount of salt I add to dishes I create … [Read more...]