Zesty Chopped Italian Salad

This recipe and all of grill week are sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market.   Day two of Grill Week is all about the sides.  This Zesty Italian Chopped Salad is inspired by that wonderful pasta salad that made an appearance at every summer get … [Read more...]

Easy Dinner! Eggplant Skillet

This single pan dinner is perfect for busy week nights.  Chock full of veggies like eggplant, zucchini, kale, and tomatoes seasoned with flavorful Italian herbs, this one-pot dish will win your family over instantly! As much as I was reluctant … [Read more...]

Basil Walnut Pesto {low FODMAP}

While this pesto is garlic and dairy free, it's adapted from the fabulous pesto recipe we learned while my husband and I traveled to Italy for our honeymoon.  One taste of this fresh, herby sauce takes me right back to the rustic and beautiful Cinque … [Read more...]

Italian Chickpea Salad

Not too long ago, I got carried away in the bulk foods section of the grocery store and purchased a TON of dried chickpeas because I read that making hummus from dried chickpeas was the best way to do it. Well, when I went to make the hummus, I … [Read more...]

Calling All Original Italian Recipes!

When I arrived home from my weekend of being away, I had a couple of packages waiting for me.  Now, you all know how I feel about packages...new readers:  to me, packages are like getting presents in the mail.  I love packages and think it is so fun … [Read more...]

Extremely Sweaty Bootcamp and Meatless Balls

Thursdays are the mornings when I teach my boot camp class.  I am completely loving this class because I can make the workouts super hard....or tone them down a notch for less experienced boot campers.   I usually try to do the harder options ;) New … [Read more...]


Hello from the Chicago airport!   I am officially waiting for my flight to Philadelphia that will then take me to London!   We all woke up bright and early to head out to Chicago so we would have a little time to enjoy the day before my … [Read more...]