Tips for Reducing Food Waste – Simple Stir Fry Recipe

This Simple Stir Fry is completely customizable! Use up leftover vegetables, stems, and protein from other recipes in your week for a flavorful and satisfying meal perfect for any night of the week! Happy wonderful Friday! I'm kicking off … [Read more...]

Santorini Greek Kitchen

Tuesday night, Brian and I celebrated his dad's 60th birthday with his family at a delicious Indianapolis restaurant: Santorini Greek Kitchen! Santorini Greek Kitchen is located in a cute neighborhood in the downtown Indy area called Fountain … [Read more...]

Chili Lime Garlic Shrimp

This week, my workouts have basically consisted of practicing for the newest Bodypump release.  We launch the new release next week, and I always spend extra time the week before the launch rehearsing. Even though I love being in front of the class … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Bean and Squash Chili

Sunday, you may remember that I spent a portion of the day putting up the fall decorations. It was actually rather warm outside, and technically fall doesn't begin until this weekend (the first FULL day of fall is Saturday, September 22).  Despite … [Read more...]