Valentine’s Day Dessert Harry and Izzy’s


I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day full of love whether you were spending time with a significant other, friends, or just showing yourself some love whatever you did, I hope it was special! Brian and I made a simple yet tasty meal at … [Read more...]

Create a Little Love

love tennis shoes

It's Valentine's week!  Just incase all the pink, hearts, and chocolate candy filling the aisles of every store didn't remind you :) I can't believe we are halfway through the month of February...time sure flies! A couple of weeks ago Brilliant … [Read more...]

A Year of Dates

date night

Last Christmas, I did something out-of-the-box for Brian's Christmas gift. 2013 was a pretty big and busy year for Brian and I, and I knew I wanted to make sure we still had time for "us" as we ended our engagement and went into our first year of … [Read more...]

October Date Night (or day…)

October date 5

Sunday, I treated Brian to his October date night (even though it wasn't night)! It's hard to believe that there are only two more surprises left in our date night box, but we have enjoyed every single minute of date time. If you are new to … [Read more...]

September Date Night: Tuttle’s Apple Orchard

apple picking 11

Saturday, Brian and I completed the September date from last year's Christmas gift:  a year of dates. You can read more about our previous dates here: January  February March May June July was our honeymoon! August and … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Reception


This final wedding recap will cover our wedding reception.  If you missed any of the other recap posts, be sure to check them out! Ceremony Rehearsal Firecracker 6 Pre-wedding Race and Lunch Welcome Dinner Getting Ready Our First … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

wedding ceremony

After all of our fun pictures and formal family photos were complete, it was finally time to prepare for the ceremony. We anxiously waited for all of the guests to arrive in a small holding area in the foyer of the church.  We tried to stay … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Pre-Wedding Photos


I have another wedding recap post for you! So far, I have shared: Ceremony Rehearsal Firecracker 6 Pre-Wedding Run and Lunch Welcome Dinner Getting Ready  Our First Look After Brian and I had our special moment seeing each other for … [Read more...]

Wedding Recap: Welcome Dinner

welcome dinner

Because our wedding ceremony rehearsal was actually two days before the wedding, we called our "rehearsal dinner" a "welcome dinner."  It was full love, warmth, family, friends, and was absolutely unforgettable. We held our welcome dinner at … [Read more...]