The theme of this weekend? Relax!

Hey guys! I hope your weekend was really great :)  I think the theme of the weekend for Brian and I was unintentionally "relax."  Initially, we planned on skiing on Saturday but it was just too warm, and our friend Oliver was DJing a show on … [Read more...]

Healthy Holidays with Treble in the Kitchen {Giveaway} GRAND FINALE

What a fun week of giveaways!  And we aren't done yet... To wrap up the Healthy Holidays with Treble in the Kitchen Giveaway Week, I have a GRAND FINALE prize package for one lucky Treble in the Kitchen reader. The ultimate prize package … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Rolled and Quick Oats

Last night, I was able to "go-out" for the first time I have been home.  While I have been hanging out with people and going to people's houses to share a drink or two, I hadn't gone out to the bars at all!  Last night was great because we were able … [Read more...]

Surprise Engagement!

Last night, Brian and I went over to our friends' house not thinking anything about it.  We are both pretty social people and we usually end up going somewhere or having friends come to our apartment at least once a weekend, so in our eyes there … [Read more...]