Trail Mix and Broccoli

Lunch I made a little broccoli slaw combo with: 1 handful of broccoli slaw 1 Tbsp Miracle Whip Light 1 tsp wasabi sauce 1/8 cup of Cranberry Trail Mix (almonds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, white raisins, pepitas) I know it sounds weird but … [Read more...]

Chickpeas for Dessert?

I started off the day bright and early with some homemade granola (still searching for the PERFECT recipe so I don't want to post this one!!) topped with 1/4 cup almond milk and half of a nectarine as running fuel. I then laced up my shoes and … [Read more...]

Just a Tuesday Night

Tuesday night means Core Intensity class.  Here is the workout: This workout takes place on the indoor track at your gym     Warm Up:  Run two laps around the track Lunges around the track stopping at  first corner with weights … [Read more...]

If It’s Free…Sign Me Up!

Today was our last day watching Bella :(  We were sad to leave, but it will be good to clean up our apartment and get back into that "normal" schedule again. Workout I started off the day with a 5 mile run as part of my half marathon training … [Read more...]

Staying Cool in the Heat of Summer

It is the middle of summer, and it feels like it!  Even though it is partly cloudy, the temperature is 93 degrees and the humidity is high.  I went for my run this morning thinking it would be cooler than running this afternoon, which is true, it was … [Read more...]

A Full Day of Wedding

So today was ENTIRELY consumed by planning the wedding, and I loved every minute of it.  We still do not have the venue booked, but we are getting closer every second! After visiting a venue, and crunching numbers for several hours with Brian's mom … [Read more...]

Balancing Life

The venue we visited was Hilbert Circle Theatre.  Hilbert is literally smack dab in the middle of downtown, which I love!, so Brian and I were able to walk there in 25 minutes from our apartment. It was pretty and gave us a lot to think about and add … [Read more...]