Indianapolis Bucket List

Considering Brian and I officially have EXACTLY 3 months until we move to Colorado we thought it may be best to create a bucket list of all the things we want to do in our fun city of Indianapolis.  Indy has so much going on, but because we live here … [Read more...]

Weekend Recap 2.28.2014

First and foremost, let's start off this week by announcing the winner to the Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway... Congratulations to Sarah Waninger from Creating a Better Tomorrow :) Now, onto the usual! While Mondays mean snapping back … [Read more...]

SqWires St. Louis Wedding

I hadn't intended on taking a blogging break this weekend, but with all of the wedding fun and wedding planning that occurred it just kind of happened! Friday night was spent with Brian and one of my bridesmaids getting crafts ready for our … [Read more...]

Tobit Retreat Weekend

Good Morning! This weekend was probably the most relaxing, refreshing weekend that I have had in quite some time.  I did not get on my computer at all until Sunday evening, I took a break from wedding planning until Sunday evening, I spent a lot … [Read more...]

Unexpected Extra Time

Saturday, Brian and I had the entire day blocked off for our first marriage prep workshop at the church that we will be married in. I always feel my best when I get some activity in early on in the day, so I headed over to the gym to pump out … [Read more...]

30 Years

Yesterday, Brian's parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! After everyone arrived home from work, it was time for some anniversary presents.  Greg, Brian's dad loves scotch, and Kate, Brian's mom loves Riesling.  They both started by … [Read more...]

The Etzcorn’s are Married

Good morning! Yesterday, Brian and I closed off the wedding season for the year with Katie and Dan's wedding.  Katie and I were in show choir together in high school and Dan and Katie dated throughout most of high school.  They have been together … [Read more...]

An Australian Skirt

Today, I wore a very special skirt. the thing that makes it so special is that Brian's aunt made it for me.  In 3 days! While traveling on the cruise, one of my favorite spots that we stopped was Sydney, Australia.   On our last trip to Sydney, I … [Read more...]