Five Things Friday 7.3.2015

Happy July and 4th of July Weekend!!!! I seriously cannot believe that it is already the 4th of July.  Exactly one year ago this weekend, Brian and I flew out to Colorado to scope things out before we moved out here at the beginning of August. … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 4.3.2015

Morning and happy April! This week went by fast, but felt long all at the same time.  Much like last week, I have been studying my little heart out and just check check checking things off my neverending to-do list.  For a Type A personality like … [Read more...]

Study Weekend and Some Non-Study Photos + Meals for the Week

Hey friends! Sorry for not posting yesterday.  Things got a little crazy around here in the Rochford family, but to be honest I spent most of my weekend looking at stuff like this: Which honestly isn't all that exciting to photograph :) … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 3.27.2015

Happy Friday! I hope yours is off to a great start :) Mine already is! Oatmeal (Love Grown Super Oats to be exact!) totally sounded delicious this morning and I don't think I've had it all week.  When I opened the peanut butter jar, there … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 3.20.2015

Hello and happy first day of SPRING!!! This was just an overall really great week.  Brian was on spring break, so we got to eat Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner together every single day :)  That also means Brian was on puppy duty this week, so I could … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 3.13.2015

Happy Friday the 13th! :)  Can you believe we are already midway through March?  I can't! This week has been very productive in the study department.  Honestly, at the beginning of the week I was having a little freak out about not having enough … [Read more...]

Weekend Pics + Weekly Meals and Fitness

Hey guys! How was the weekend?  Did you miss the hour of sleep on Sunday?  Honestly, I kind of did!  I was a little tired on Sunday and the day FLEW by. Overall, it was a really great and productive weekend.  I wish I did a bit more relaxing, … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 3.6.2015

Happy Friday!!!!! I am SO thankful that it's the weekend, and I'm sure many of you are happy that it is the weekend too :) I had a test this week, LOVED the Bachelor Women Tell All on Monday night, played with Bernie, taught some Bodypump, … [Read more...]

Weekend Pics + Meals for the Week

Hey guys! Sorry I left ya hanging on Friday without a Five Things Friday post.  I got home late from the gym due to horrible traffic, spent over an hour on the phone with internet people because our connection was SO slow, and well then I had to … [Read more...]

Five Things Friday 2.20.2015

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! This week has felt a little weird.  On Wednesday, I had the feeling like "'s only Wednesday!?" Now, today I'm like "OMG, it's already Friday!?" HA! I guess that's what a holiday on a Monday does to ya! Other … [Read more...]