Italian Summer Squash Bake

This morning started out like most Tuesdays...with Bodypump.  Because I am training for my next half marathon, Tuesdays also mean run days.  I don't want to give up this Bodypump I am trying to make it work out so I drive to the gym with … [Read more...]

Picnicking and a Roof Top View

Does anyone else think that this weekend went by EXTREMELY fast?  I woke up this morning and almost didn't believe that it was actually Monday. I'm thinking the weekend went so fast because Brian and I crammed so many activities into it.  The … [Read more...]

Best Anniversary Gift Ever!

Brian and I have officially been married for one month and one day.  Man, that month flew by! Anywho.... Breakfast was the exact same yesterday as it was today.  The only difference is that yesterday I ate my breakfast in the break room at … [Read more...]

Weekend Kitchen Excitement

I hope that you all enjoyed the first installment in the Honeymoon Recap series! I thought that I would break up some of the recaps of what we did in Italy by sharing a little bit about our weekend in Indianapolis. I have actually cooked two … [Read more...]

Random Eats, Interesting Workout, and a Surprise!

Good morning!! This week is moving along nice and speedy...just how I prefer, since Brian and I are literally counting down the seconds until we leave for our honeymoon on Saturday morning. Food around the Rochford house (still feels a bit … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Energy Bars

I can't believe that it is already Wednesday!  I guess that is what having an amazingly fun weekend and then taking the following Monday off of work will do to ya... On that note, yesterday's breakfast was simple but 100% delicious. Breakfast … [Read more...]

Checking Things Off the Wedding To-Do List

I feel like I have been checking wedding tasks off of the to-do list left and right lately! Yesterday, I spent my lunch break at Kinkos printing signage and table numbers for our wedding.  Seeing everything in print really made the wedding feel … [Read more...]

Meal Inspiration Plus H.I.T.

Head on over to the NIFS blog to check out my Springtime Carrot Spice Muffin Recipe!  These little muffins are addicting and delicious :) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Whenever I … [Read more...]

Out of My Food Rut!

Recently, I mentioned that I was in a bit of a food rut. All of my meals were looking the same, tasting the same, and were getting a bit boring.  I missed the experimentation and process of actually cooking rather than throwing something in the … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Recipe Roundup

A very delicious package showed up at my door this week... The team at Krema Nut Company reached out to me when I announced that I was giving up peanut butter (and all nut butters) for the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent this year.  They were kind … [Read more...]