Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon 2014

Saturday, I completed my sixth half marathon! It's always an emotional and amazing feeling when I cross the finish line, but Saturday's race was EXTRA special because I was able to cross that finish line with my sister :) I picked up my … [Read more...]

The EASIEST Way to Cook a Steak {From a Non-Steak Eater!}

Last night, my mini marathon training group hit the pavement to complete 5 miles. Last week, temps were in the teens, so when we heard that the weather was about 30 degrees outside we were honestly expecting a heat wave.  It's easy to forget how … [Read more...]

Simple Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Hello!! Last night my running group for the mini marathon training completed another 7 miles.  We did the same route as last week, but backwards. My mind was totally blown!  Running the same route backwards was the idea of one of the guys in my … [Read more...]

7 Mile Run Through “Snirt”

Happy Thursday! Last night was our 4th group run for the Mini Marathon Training Program, which means we were up to 7 miles. I brought my camera along with me this week, inspired by Anne to take some running photos to show you where we … [Read more...]

How Do You Decide Which Race to Run?

It's official, friends. This May, I will complete my sixth half marathon!  The One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon. You may remember I wrote a recap post all about last year's mini marathon! Next week, the NIFS Mini Marathon Training … [Read more...]

Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Saturday I ran and completed my fourth half marathon!  It is always an overwhelming and amazing feeling to cross the finish line, but this race was extra special because I beat my personal record by 30 seconds (every second counts ;)) and the … [Read more...]

Surprising Gels

Wednesday, we had our longest run yet schedule for our Mini Marathon Training Program.   A big 11 miler.  For some reason, I was so nervous about this run.  Typically, I am a morning runner/worker outer, and I am finding that when I schedule to run … [Read more...]

Top 5 Post-Run Stretches

I am well into my Mini Marathon training program, with an 11 mile run on the books for next week. I absolutely love the challenge of running, but my body definitely takes the toll.  In order to keep injuries at bay and minimize muscle soreness I … [Read more...]

First Official Group Run

Yesterday, was the first official group training run for the NIFS Mini-Marathon Training Program.  I was anxious, excited, and nervous for this run.  I still feel a little unqualified to be a training group leader, considering this is only my fourth … [Read more...]

NIFS Mini Marathon Training Program

This morning, I was happy to take full advantage of a nice leisurely breakfast eaten in front my laptop in a real bowl with real utensils.  I took the morning off from the gym because I will be team teaching the new Bodypump release again tonight!  I … [Read more...]