Bring on the Birthdays

It's a pretty special guy's birthday today.... Happy birthday, Brian! This is our last round of birthdays as an unmarried couple.  I feel so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing guy. Just a short 2 months to go and we … [Read more...]

A Smoothie Kind of Morning

Good Morning! I absolutely LOVE mornings when I am able to eat breakfast at home, because that means that there is always time for a SMOOTHIE. I took the morning off from the gym because the Indianapolis Mini Marathon is officially 3 days away. … [Read more...]

Something Borrowed

Good morning! I hope your Saturday is off to a great start :) My weekend full of productivity and knocking things off of the wedding and blogging to-do lists is off to a great start. Last night I picked out my "something borrowed" from the … [Read more...]

How To Streamline Your Getting Ready Routine at the Gym

As a girl who feels best after my morning gym session, I have come up with a very streamlined "getting ready" routine that I complete at the gym most mornings. Several of the women at the gym each week compliment me on my speed at getting into my … [Read more...]

Hot Yoga: My First Class

This past Friday, Brian and I both tried something that was completely new to the both of us... Hot Yoga! I was planning on attending a class at CITYOGA for another project that I am working on (details on that at a later date!), and … [Read more...]

A Breakfast Favorite: Overnight Oats

Good morning! Today is a mid-week rest day from the gym.  I needed to sleep in, as I didn't get to bed until 11pm last night, which is very late for me.  Yesterday, I didn't arrive home until 8:30pm and I hadn't even eaten dinner yet!  After … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Eggnog Overnight Oats

This morning, I actually did NOT start my day at the gym like I usually would. I decided to stay up a little bit later last night to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  It was a nice little treat for a week night ;) The fact that I was … [Read more...]

Typical Morning and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

This morning started as a pretty typical morning for me, at the gym! Today, I completed Workout B from the third phase of Tina's Best Body Boot Camp and boy oh boy are those burpees killer!  This phase of the workout is a true circuit style boot … [Read more...]

It’s Gonna Be a Good Week

Yesterday was a day FULL of food prep for the week.  I prepped a bit more than usual in hopes of saving some time in the evenings so that I can focus on some non-food related tasks on my to-do list. I prepped lunches in little plastic containers … [Read more...]

One of Those Mornings

You know those mornings when you just wake up on the right side of the bed, ready to conquer the day? This morning was one of those mornings.  I knew that I wanted to wake up early today, so I set an alarm for 6am...but I woke up a little bit before … [Read more...]