Quinoa Crusted Chicken

Quinoa is naturally high in plant based protein and SO many other nutrients.  Coating chicken with delicious quinoa flour and crisps gives traditional chicken a texture, flavor and protein boost.  This Quinoa Crusted Chicken is perfect for those … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is this Sunday...I can't believe it! Each year, the only thing my mom asks for is that my siblings and I help her get her plants, garden and yard ready for the summer ahead. As much as I really don't like gardening … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day, Not Quite a Surprise!

I hope that everyone had an amazing Mother's Day full of love celebrating mothers, mothers-in-law, and women who have been motherly in our lives yesterday.  I'll share more about my Mother's Day celebration in a moment, but … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Surprise!

The wedding last night was beautiful and amazing, but I will share more about that later ;) I woke up this morning pretty early considering how late I was out last night.  But I needed the head start so that I could drive up to Fort Wayne to … [Read more...]