Ginger Basil Stir Fry

This was such an amazing weekend.  I felt a bit all over the place, but after being cooped up indoors due to a snow storm and major studying last weekend I was ready to get out and DO something this weekend :) The fun all started on Friday. … [Read more...]

The Rhythm Revolution Experience Review

After puppy school on Saturday morning, I ate a quick snack grabbed my bags and was on my way to the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, CO for a course on The Rhythm Revolution Experience. So, you are probably wondering...what is … [Read more...]

Five Random Things

Happy Friday!!!! This week has gone by amazingly fast, but nonetheless I am pumped that it is the weekend.  There are a lot of random things that I want to share with you today, so that is EXACTLY what I am going to do...share a bunch of random … [Read more...]

Sprigs Bangee Review

Head on over to the Sunglass Warehouse blog to read my interview on Fall Fashion! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Recently, my iPod arm band broke.  For the second time this … [Read more...]

Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen 2

Hello all! Here is my second official VLOG and the second installment in the "Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen."  Growing up, music was always part of my life whether I was singing in choir, performing in the school musical, or in the … [Read more...]

Two Date Weekend at Butler University

Happy December! My weekend was full of dates revolving around events at Butler University, where I graduated from college. The fun started on Friday evening with a sister date. Before heading to Butler, we met up for some frozen yogurt, which I … [Read more...]

Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon and a Great Saturday at Home

So far, this has been an amazing weekend. Friday night, almost immediately after Brian walked in the door, we walked right back out to hit the road for our two our drive up to Fort Wayne. For my birthday this past April, my mom paid for my … [Read more...]

Finally Putting the Treble in Treble in the Kitchen Vlog

Hi all and happy Friday! I finally created my first VLOG.  Hopefully this VLOG will be a series that happens monthly where I focus on songs that are meaningful to me. The second video is me singing in the cruise ship talent show with a couple of … [Read more...]

High Protein Banana Muffins and My New Spin Playlist

Last night, I made a pretty big accomplishment.... I took the pit out of an avocado...with just a knife for the first time EVER! Now, don't get me wrong, as I have tried and failed many times before.  Seriously, it felt great to do that!! Brian and … [Read more...]